The Patient Story: 7 Benefits of Narrative Dictation in an EHR Environment

7 Benefits Of Narrative Dictation.PNGA well-documented medical record is essential to providing quality care and should tell a complete patient story. It should be documented expeditiously, but thoroughly, to enable physicians and other healthcare professionals to make timely decisions based on all available patient information.

In the age of the electronic health record (EHR), point and click medical record templates have improved the capture of structured data, but increased documentation demands and not-sofriendly user interfaces are burdening physicians. Physicians are spending more time entering data and working longer hours, while less time is spent interacting directly with patients. 

Physicians need tools that help them focus on patient care, not on paperwork.

The latest advancements in speech-enabled documentation enable physicians to focus on patient care and maintain quality of life, while helping to meet documentation requirements and assisting in accurately telling a patient’s story. This paper discusses some of the top benefits narrative dictation and speech-enabled documentation provide in an EHR environment.

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