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Technology has fast become a key enabler in the drive to increase efficiency, develop services and improve patient outcomes across the Australian healthcare sector.

The past couple of years have seen new build and redevelopment projects capitalise on the advancement of new technologies, with a growing focus on how to best integrate digital tools and service offerings into healthcare facilities.

While there is no doubt technology is front of mind for the healthcare sector when it comes to building the necessary systems, services and infrastructure needed to cater for the future, the integration of people, systems and planning still remains a challenge.

What’s more, external forces such as changing patient expectations, the explosion of big data and the looming impact of a rapidly increasing and ageing population, is putting increasing pressure on government and healthcare providers to utilise technology as efficiently and effectively as possible.

So what steps should be taken to future proof our health facilities in the ever evolving world of technological advancements, changing business models and shifting patient expectations?

At Australian Healthcare Week 2015, ten healthcare representatives from across the Australian healthcare sector gathered at an exclusive CIO Roundtable, sponsored by Winscribe, to discuss the major forces shaping the way technology is being utilised in the Australian healthcare industry, and the key considerations needed to better use and integrate technology into the design and development of health facilities in the future.

Ahead of Healthcare Efficiency Through Technology 2016, this report outlines and summarises the key findings of their discussion

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