Winscribe win key position on the new NHS Shared Business Services Framework, scoring highly in every category.

NHS Shared Business Services has announced an update to their procurement framework for 2016 – 2021 which enables NHS Trusts and CCG's to procure clinical correspondence, speech recognition and transcription solutions quickly, simply and cost-effectively.

Winscribe were awarded onto the Framework as the highest ranked supplier leading all competition in each lot, which included evaluations assessing Financial Stability, Professional Capability, Technical Capability, Experience and Value for supporting NHS CIP efficiency outcomes. The updated Framework makes it easier for NHS Trusts to procure clinical correspondence and speech enabled solutions from a group of pre-vetted suppliers.

Chris Rodwell, UK Healthcare Manager at Winscribe said, 

“It is a great pleasure to be announced as the highest ranking supplier on the SBS Framework, as it supports the great results we have been achieving with NHS Trusts under CIP and Change Management Programs.  At Winscribe we partner with Trusts to first quantify the cost of inefficiencies and then apply the latest technology to make positive changes that deliver significant savings year on year and increase capacity into the future. This framework makes it easier for Trusts to choose the right partner without the need for long, costly procurement.”

This Framework now makes it possible for other Trusts to join the growing Winscribe NHS network of over 90 NHS Trusts, and start immediately benefiting from productivity tools and solutions, as well as learning from other peer sites about how to bring continual improvements to their documentation creation processes.

About the NHS Shared Business Services

NHS Shared Business Services is the largest provider of business support services to the NHS in England. NHS Shared Business Services work with over a third of NHS Trusts and with 100% of the NHS Commissioning organisations, providing a high level of governance and accountability for around £100 billion of NHS spend. They provide on average cost improvements between 20% and 40% for clients as well as providing added value solutions.

NHS Shared Business Services also provide a full range of solutions for NHS Provider organisations, ensuring cost improvements and efficiency savings, as well as improved data management and reporting.

A unique Joint Venture

NHS SBS is a unique joint venture between the Department of Health and Sopra Steria. The mission is delivering £1 billion savings back to the NHS by 2020 and they have already delivered audited savings of over £350m. Click here to learn more.


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