Brisbane Healthcare Informatics Conference See's Winscribe Demonstrate Powerful New Documentation Software - Winscribe Text

Brisbane, Australia - Aug 20, 2015

The 2015 HIC event was held in Brisbane, Australia in early August, with the goal of showcasing the benefits of greater integration of hospitals and care facilities with data and information processing.

The constant drive for greater cost savings and efficiency in the healthcare sector in Australia and around the world has seen many organisations look to reduce administration time and achieve greater document accuracy.

With Winscribe Text, we have built on digital dictation to also include powerful document templating, creation, and management, as well as smart speech recognition.

While we’re very proud of this achievement, it’s seeing the faces of the people we were talking to that really got us excited. Seeing a document appear already preformatted from HL7 feeds, with the text being processed and shown on screen as fast as the author can speak, meant that a document was ready for checking, sign off, or distribution in moments.

End to end document management ultimately means that clinicians spend less time on administration and more time where they should be, with patients.

With a greater visibility of where a hospital’s roadblocks or delays are occurring – at the department, process, or even personnel level – an organisation can easily find, and then focus attention on their bottlenecks.

We can directly impact patient care, meaning less risk of medical misadventure or readmissions occurring from delays, clinicians and downstream providers being able to make timely, informed decisions, and improving overall care coordination; all leading to faster recovery times for patients.




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