SpeechCheck, Inc. and Winscribe Partner to Provide Fully Integrated Documentation, Training and Quality Improvement Solutions for Physicians Utilizing Front-End Speech Recognition

SpeechCheck and Winscribe are pleased to announce their strategic partnership at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2015 conference.

CHICAGO, IL November 30, 2015

Leading US-based speech recognition consultants, SpeechCheck, Inc., and Winscribe, global providers of cutting-edge dictation and speech-enabled documentation software, announced their partnership today at RSNA 2015. The SpeechCheck and Winscribe partnership brings together the best in enterprise project management, training and quality improvement for speech recognition users.

Through the partnership, Winscribe customers can subscribe to speech recognition project management, training and quality improvement services provided through SpeechCheck’s experienced team of auditors and trainers, all of which are based in the United States. By pairing SpeechCheck’s services with Winscribe’s software, hospitals can reduce documentation costs and streamline production, while physicians have more flexible documentation capture options and an easy integration with EHR-based template reporting, all while increasing efficiency, proficiency and productivity using speech recognition software. This enables providers to focus on what counts the most – patient care!

As part of their robust implementation package, Winscribe clients will also be able to purchase a document template starter kit for use with their Winscribe clinical documentation management system. Produced by SpeechCheck, the document template starter kit enables clinics and hospitals to quickly and accurately prepare standardized clinical documents based on medical specialty and patient encounter types. The starter kit is coupled with on-site, one-on-one consulting and group consulting with physicians, which will accelerate document production and turnaround time, while reducing the need to point, click and navigate through cumbersome speech recognition documents, thereby reducing the time physicians spend recording patient information at their computer, correcting errors and proofing the final documents.

“Winscribe is excited and proud to be partnering with SpeechCheck, a proven leader in the speech recognition space. We are committed to developing solutions and partnerships that support our clients to work smarter and more efficiently in today’s speech recognition environment,”
Florian Stroehle, Winscribe’s Director of Global Sales.

“The partnership enables us to offer new services that further enhance our portfolio and that assist our clients.”

“SpeechCheck is excited to work with Winscribe and their customers during the implementation and go-live phases of speech recognition technology and works closely with their clients to reduce or even eliminate transcription costs and physician frustration, while enhancing and promoting more natural physician documentation practices that meet the requirements for structured data needed for Meaningful Use."
To learn more about SpeechCheck and Winscribe’s partnership, as well as their clinical documentation solutions, please visit the SpeechCheck booth (#2306) located in Hall A at the RSNA 2015 conference.


About SpeechCheck, Inc.:

SpeechCheck is a consulting company specializing in speech recognition and documentation quality. SpeechCheck customers achieve maximum benefit of their speech recognition investment through implementation support, software optimization, template creation and management, training/coaching and quality analysis/improvement, working closely with radiologists, other physicians and administrators to set, achieve and maintain quality standards in self-edited, final reports.


About Winscribe:

Clinicians using Winscribe software spend less time on administration and more time where they should be, with patients. Over 350,000 users around the world have used our suite of digital dictation, speech recognition and document management software.

Winscribe’s product range makes documentation much faster and more cost-effective. Healthcare professionals can use their voice to easily create documents, enter data and send information. Thanks to leading edge technology, healthcare providers using Winscribe software are able to focus their efforts where they can be of most benefit, leaving the bulk of administration in the hands of intelligent software.

For more information, please visit www.winscribe.com.

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