Winscribe MD and Professional Dictation Now Available on BlackBerry® 10

Winscribe, leading provider of enterprise speech recognition and dictation workflow management solutions, announces the latest additions to their mobile dictation productivity applications suite.

WS_BB10_MD_Pro.jpgAuckland, NZ the 16th of September, 2013

Winscribe announced today that it has added support for BlackBerry® 10 to its mobile dictation solutions.  Winscribe for BlackBerry® 10 is available in two offerings: the medical-specific, Winscribe MD, and Winscribe Professional for legal and professional services.  With a new user-friendly interface, the apps are optimized for the BlackBerry® smartphones’s latest touchscreen platform.  Both applications allow users to quickly and easily create and manage dictations and instantly send them for transcription, all while using their BlackBerry® Z10 smartphones.

“Winscribe has led the field of mobile dictation since the first version of the Windows Mobile Operating System was released in 2000, and we first supported BlackBerry® devices back in 2008.  As mobile computing technology continues to evolve, Winscribe remains at the forefront with its progressive and business savvy mobile application offerings - ensuring that our clients can use their trusted dictation and workflow solution on their preferred choice of device,” explains Pierre Corboz, Director Product Strategy at Winscribe.  “Productivity on-the-go is an important benefit that Winscribe’s mobile solution delivers to its clients. Winscribe is proud to continue to expand its mobility suite to include the latest hardware that providers are releasing for business professionals and address the growing need for BYOD and cloud-based solutions.”

According to the 2013 American Bar Association (ABA) Tech Survey, 14% of attorneys utilize BlackBerry® smartphones for law-related tasks, while Manhattan Research reported in 2012 that 10% of physicians utilize BlackBerry® devices in their work environment.  Winscribe’s latest advances for BlackBerry® 10 enables business professionals to continue to use their preferred devices as mobile productivity tools to aid in their client or patient response and reporting.

With this release, Winscribe MD and Winscribe Professional for BlackBerry® 10 joins Winscribe’s suite of mobility solutions, which also includes dictation management apps for iOS and Android devices.  Winscribe’s mobile solutions enable users to:

  • Use their smartphone or tablet to promptly create and send dictations with ease
  • Receive status updates for submitted dictations
  • Utilize barcode scanning to further automate their dictation processes
  • Enhance visibility and control over their dictation workflow, while reducing hardware costs and maintenance
  • Institute true dictation workflow automation within their organization
  • Integrate with server-side speech recognition for instant results
  • Connect to their Patient Administration Systems (PAS) for advanced patient scheduling and dictation management (Winscribe MD Only)

To learn more about Winscribe MD and Winscribe Professional for BlackBerry® 10, as well as Winscribe’s suite of digital dictation, speech recognition and workflow management solutions, please click HERE to take a tour or CONTACT US for more information. 

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