Athens Orthopedic Clinic Improves Clinical Documentation with a Hybrid EHR-Dictation System and Outsourced Transcription

Chicago, IL - July 9, 2013

Winscribe announced today that Athens Orthopedic Clinic implemented Winscribe Dictation enhanced with integrations and outsourced transcription to maximize the efficiency of their clinical documentation process and reduce costs.

In healthcare, the concept that "you are what you write" has never been truer to the modern day clinician.  Today’s physicians have increased demands for clinical accountability and requirements that necessitate thorough clinical documentation, in addition to providing high quality patient care.  As well, medical documentation needs to be efficient as possible to keep costs down.

For Athens Orthopedic Clinic, which has locations in eight cities across northeast Georgia and is a healthcare facility with a long-standing tradition of excellence and service, having efficient documentation practices is a must.   They have a reputation for providing high-quality orthopedic care.  When they discovered that their transcription and documentation processes were not keeping up with their expanding business, they decided it was time to make a change that would better support their needs as well as the needs of their patients. 

To address this issue, Athens Orthopedic Clinic reached out to their preferred IT consultant and service provider, Total Technology Solutions, to assist them in finding a dictation management system that would work effectively with their growing needs.  

“After reviewing several solutions, we found Winscribe Dictation to be a far superior system.  Athens Orthopedic Clinic’s healthcare professionals found it easy to use and the management capabilities are robust.  The capability for customized integrations was also a big plus,” explained Phillip Cofer, Principle at Total Technology Solutions.

To help address Athens Orthopedic Clinic’s increased reporting, which resulted from their growing business, local Certified Winscribe Partner, Integrated Data Technologies, consulted Total Technology Solutions and introduced them to outsourced transcription via Atlanta-based transcription service provider, wordZXpressed.

Initially, Athens Orthopedic Clinic used wordZXpressed to handle their overflow transcription work.  After seeing a dramatic reduction in document turnaround time, they soon transferred all transcription work to wordZXpressed.  In addition, by outsourcing transcription work, Athens Orthopedic Clinic was able to reduce costs that would have been required to bring in additional transcriptionists to handle their growing demands.

“With our previous dictation and transcription system, it took a couple of weeks before completed reports were made available.  With Winscribe and wordZXpressed, as well as the teamwork of Total Technology Solutions and Integrated Data Technologies, we have been able to produce reports much faster.  We now receive transcribed patient reports within 24 hours, which has enabled us to treat and respond to patients quicker,” explained Kayo Elliott, CEO at Athens Orthopedic Clinic.

Athens Orthopedic Clinic also implemented Winscribe MD, a mobile medical dictation application for iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Winscribe MD provided Athens’ team of orthopedic specialists with a new way to access patient data and schedules via their iPhones and iPads, so they could stay abreast of workload and manage dictation.

“We absolutely love the Winscribe medical app.  Not only are our physicians able to use their iPads and iPhones for dictation, which reduces that amount of equipment that they need to carry around and the costs of new hardware, they are also now able to record and send dictations from wherever they are.  Their smartphones are populated with a list of patients to avoid missing dictations.  This has tremendously helped to ease our physicians’ busy schedules,” discussed Mr. Elliott.

Medical transcription was also seamlessly integrated with Athens Orthopedic Clinic’s EHR.  Mr. Iconis explained that,

 “as soon as reports are transcribed and completed by wordZXpressed, the reports go back over a secure VPN tunnel and directly into Athens Ortho’s EHR system, SRSsoft.”  

He went on to say that the integration

“…has truly proven to be a win-win for all parties.  Providers have more time for patient visits and can continue to dictate robust reports that help maximize the quality of their patient records, while at the same time increasing reimbursement capabilities…The transcriptionists are able to complete the reports faster, as well. Because we have everything populated for us in Winscribe, it eliminates the tedious task of looking at Excel or PDF files of provider schedules.”

Mr. Elliott concluded by saying:

“While some electronic health record systems (EHRs) and single purpose solutions continue to fall short of providers’ expectations, we have found great value in our hybridized EHR-dictation solution.  Our patient documentation process now works like a well-oiled machine – fast and extremely functional.  The system is easy-to-use and our physicians are spending less time on administrative tasks.  The physicians simply dictate into their iPhones or iPads anytime, anywhere and click send.  The jobs awaiting dictation are received immediately by our outsourced transcription company, wordZXpressed, who completes transcription typically within a day.  With our custom integrations, wordZXpressed’s transcribed reports are imported directly into our EHR, SRSsoft and a sent for review and signoff.  We couldn’t be any more pleased with this system.”

To learn more about Athens Orthopedic Clinic’s Winscribe Dictation system, custom EHR and practice management system integrations, and outsourced transcription workflow via wordZXpressed, please click HERE to download a copy of the full case study.

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