Leading Dubai Hospital Group Delighted with Local Winscribe Sales Partner’s Expertise and Support

Two of Dubai’s leading hospitals have greatly improved patient turnaround times and realized efficiency gains in their medical records departments by the introduction of a Winscribe digital dictation solution - delivered and expertly implemented by local Winscribe sales partner CCMENA.

The Welcare and The City hospitals, operated by EHL Management Services, a part of the Medi-Clinic Group, chose Winscribe after extensive consultation and evaluation of competing vendors’ offers. EHL’s requirement for an established dictation system from a reputable company that could automate their old analogue processes and also support two hospitals on one integrated solution while maintaining the highest level of security and reliability, made Winscribe the first choice. In conjunction with local sales partner CCMENA’s expertise in executing large-scale implementations and its highest quality on-going support, EHL felt confident to move forward and make the switch from analogue to digital.

The change to a digital dictation solution was implemented without disruption to the day to day operations of the hospital.

 “EHL is very pleased with CCMENA’s rapid implementation of the new Winscribe dictation system at both of our hospitals. The transcription of medical records is of critical importance to our daily operations and not only requires a quick turnaround, but also the highest levels of accuracy and maximum data safety“, reports Said Mukesh Jain, IT Systems Manager for EHL Management Services.

Within the first months of operation, significant benefits have already been realized. The workflow management features integral to the Winscribe system have resulted in improved document turnaround times, greater staffing flexibility and improved co-operation between staff in the two hospitals’ medical records departments. Improved efficiency in the dictation creation process has resulted in doctors being able to see more patients. Furthermore, Winscribe’s performance and data reporting tools allow doctors to quickly get an overview of documents in the transcription queue and prioritize important cases.

Said Mukesh Jain, EHL’s IT Systems Manager is convinced of the benefits of working with a knowledgeable and supportive local sales partner in implementing the Winscribe digital dictation system:

“CCMENA delivered the Winscribe solution to our exact requirements and the result is an efficient system which sees our most up-to-date patient information converted to text format and made easily accessible to our medical records team. It has resulted in freeing up of our doctors’ time, allowing them to accommodate more patients, which is beneficial to our business. We highly recommend CCMENA, not only on the basis of this well executed project, but also for their ongoing delivery of quality support services. ”

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Converged Communications MENA have over 10 years of experience in supplying the Middle Eastern and North African markets with state of the art communication technology solutions. Their focus is on delivering projects that provide a significant competitive advantage to its customers by improving productivity processes - which makes them an ideal partner for Winscribe. If you are in the MENA region and are interested in Winscribe, please visit CCMENA’s website.


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