South Eastern Gastro doubles productivity with Winscribe

Winscribe announced today that Sydney based medical practice South Eastern Gastroenterology has chosen the worldwide market leading digital dictation system, Winscribe Dictation, to manage its dictation processes.

Established in 1996, South Eastern Gastroenterology specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of all diseases associated with the digestive system. Their team of fully trained Gastroenterologists operate across 3 New South Wales locations, with a strong focus on compassion and exceptional patient care.

The document creation process is an integral part of managing the flow of inbound and outbound information within the clinic. Southeastern Gastro had previously used an analogue tape system to handle their daily dictation workload which consists mostly of patient letters and referrals. The switch to Winscribe Dictation has resulted not only in increased visibility of work in the dictation queue due to Winscribe’s advanced reporting functionality, but also has led to the elimination of errors, due to Winscribe’s document review and built-in workflow management capabilities.

The ability to share work between three remote locations has led to remarkable reductions in workload spikes and significantly faster turnaround times. Backlog levels have been reduced by 500% after the introduction of the Winscribe Digital Dictation system, which has helped South Eastern Gastro achieve their primary goal for the initiative, which is to improve the overall service they provide to their patients.

Masoud Hagighi, Practice Manager at SE Gastro explains:

“There has been a phenomenal change in our dictation processes. We estimate a doubling in the daily production of letters since the Winscribe system has been installed, and have experienced significantly improved turnaround times.“ He added: “There have also been significant time savings in back office operations – staff are spending less time fielding follow up phone calls from patients and fewer referral doctors are calling for updates as a result of delays”

A full case study is available for those interested to start their own productivity revolution:

Read the case study

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