Microsoft partnership gives leading edge to BPM software

Being at the forefront of industry does not only mean having an inside scoop on future developments that will impact the global business community. It also means actively participating in shaping this vision, and pushing hard to improve user experience, usability and ultimately the return that businesses, such as legal or healthcare firms, will receive on their investment.

Winscribe is proud to be an integral member of Microsoft’s Azure AppFabric Technology Adoption Program (TAP) yet again, after receiving the coveted “Most Valued Contributor Award” from Microsoft in 2010. The TAP is an early adopters program run by Microsoft, which gives leading software vendors the ability to influence Microsoft products through their feedback and gain a strategic edge by having access to product information even before the pre-release stage.

Technology Adopters Program timeline

Greg Allen, CTO of Winscribe explained the importance of the Technology Adoption Program:

“Here at Winscribe, innovation is what we do. We have redefined the global dictation market as the first company to bring workflow technology to digital dictation in 1997 and have continued on this path, ultimately becoming the dictation market leader in both legal and healthcare markets. We have more than double the number of customers of our nearest competitor for a reason. Now we are continuing this strategy with our BPM software and the TAP means that we combine our effort with Microsoft to bring best of breed products to customers in advance of our nearest rivals. Having the ability to shape this product and partner with Microsoft has been an extremely valuable experience in 2010 and we are looking forward to our collaboration in 2011 and beyond.”

For more information about the TAP view this link here.  

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