Cooney Lees Morgan more than halves turnaround time with Winscribe Digital Dictation

Winscribe announced today that award winning Tauranga based law firm Cooney Lees Morgan has implemented Winscribe Dictation to streamline its dictation and workflow processes.

Originally established in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, Cooney Lees Morgan (CLM) employs over thirty-five lawyers and legal executives whose expertise span across 3 main practice groups - Litigation, Commercial and Asset Management.

As the company expanded to meet the needs of the growing community in Tauranga, CLM recognised that their existing analogue dictation system was becoming increasingly difficult to source and maintain, and that improved efficiency and productivity was required. In 2008, CLM made the decision to switch to Winscribe Dictation, a solution designed on a highly flexible and efficient digital platform.

The switch to Winscribe Dictation has resulted in pivotal efficiency gains in CLM’s document creation process. Workflow automation combined with Winscribe’s extensive reporting capabilities has resulted in the removal of bottlenecks in the document creation process and has increased visibility, accountability and efficiency in the processing of dictation jobs. Furthermore, Winscribe’s innovative iPhone Dictation application, Winscribe Dictation for iPhone, has improved flexibility for CLM’s legal staff, which can now dictate while on the move, using the device they prefer. This has resulted in further productivity improvements for CLM and has ensured that user uptake and acceptance of the new dictation solution has been comprehensive. Chris Mayes, the Practice Manager at CLM explains:

“Before Winscribe, the administration team members physically moved tapes back and forth all day. Now it all gets listed into the typist queue, and when a team member has capacity they can pick up the job. Instantly we saw work being turned around much more quickly, in some cases from a couple of days to less than one.” He adds: “High productivity and efficiency throughout the document creation process is pivotal to our business and Winscribe has assisted greatly in achieving this.”

The implementation of Winscribe Dictation is backed by a global support network and immediate access to local care and expertise. For CLM, the close proximity to local support, the ability to deal face to face with a provider and the freedom to choose their preferred dictation device eased the transition towards digital dictation, and was a crucial deciding factor for Winscribe Dictation to be implemented across the board.

A full case study is available here.

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