BPM and Microsoft SharePoint® Integration – Benefits for the legal industry

Winscribe today announced integrations of its business process management (BPM) software, Winscribe BPM with Microsoft SharePoint® and InfoPath®, as well as a host of additional features, as part of an on-going campaign to eliminate inefficient practices in the world’s top legal firms.

Winscribe noted that legal firms were looking to MS SharePoint® for answers to increasingly complex challenges, such as the emergence of new forms of regulation and compliance; as well as increased geographic and functional dispersion within their organizations. Recent research suggested that firms should leverage their SharePoint investment with a dedicated BPM solution, as this addresses a number of shortcomings of the document management and collaboration tool(1).

The main areas where a legal specific BPM solution, such as Winscribe BPM, can add value to a firm utilizing SharePoint technology, is by adding rules and systems for maintaining, storing and archiving documents in SharePoint; thus preventing “SharePoint sprawl” and reducing total cost of ownership. Winscribe BPM further adds value by automating manual processes and integrating SharePoint with other data systems vital to the running of a legal firm, such as accounting platforms, billing systems and case management platforms. By eliminating manual data entry, significant efficiency gains and improvements in data quality can be realized. Finally, Winscribe BPM also provides enhanced reporting capabilities and improved workflow functionality over native workflows in MS SharePoint without the need for custom coding.

Winscribe announced that it has also developed a working integration with Microsoft InfoPath forms, which can now be used as an input method for BPM workflows. This allows legal firms to quickly develop smart, branded forms without the need for custom coding. These forms can then be served directly to users in a law firm’s existing SharePoint installation. MS InfoPath forms can also be pre-populated with data from a Winscribe BPM workflow, further increasing efficiencies.

Winscribe added further enhancements to its BPM suite, such as the ability to automatically create PDFs from within a workflow. PDF’s are the document type of choice for a large share of legal firms as they provide added security features, editing and copyright controls over standard Word documents.

Finally, Winscribe’s Workflow Designer, the main interface where users can model, design and automate business processes in Winscribe BPM, has undergone a major overhaul. It now features improved designer controls (“shortcuts”) that make designing a BPM workflow quicker and easier, as well as new input methods and layout options for creating workflows. This is complemented by a new graphical reporting engine which enhances visibility over current processes and process efficiency.

Winscribe noted that all legal firms that utilise SharePoint should seriously consider leveraging their investment with a legal specific BPM solution to reduce total cost of ownership, improve operational efficiency and enhance levels of client responsiveness and service.

For more information about Winscribe BPM Integrations, please click here.


(1) Miers, David (2009): SharePoint as a Strategic Weapon – Beyond Content Management and Simple Workflow; BPM Focus Whitepaper; retrieved from http://www.bpmfocus.org, as of July 6th 2011

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