Taking it to the next level - Winscribe Announces Unique Workflow Capabilities for Digital Dictation

Winscribe further extended its growing list of market-first innovations by announcing today that it is the first company globally to bring the benefits of business process management to the world of digital dictation. The world leader in digital dictation and workflow management systems has integrated its award winning digital dictation product, Winscribe Dictation, with its recently released Winscribe BPM software, so that Winscribe customers now have access to unprecedented functionality in digital dictation.

Leveraging the graphical workflow designer within Winscribe BPM, customers can quickly create and modify dictation processes without the need for custom development. This new capability offers them the agility and control needed to be responsive to their changing business conditions without the need for further technology spend, thereby further enhancing return on investment.

“This is a hugely exciting announcement for Winscribe and a giant step forward for the technology. We have always led the field in workflow capability, but adding business process management functionality to the product takes it to a whole new level” said Matthew Weavers, CEO of Winscribe. “The possible uses of this new functionality are only limited by one’s imagination” he added.

Integration of its dictation product with BPM software allows Winscribe customers to access business information in the dictation system and act on it through automated processes. Greg Allen, CTO at Winscribe explains,

“the Winscribe BPM designer allows our customers to create links between systems and people in a graphical manner. Customers can access and update external data, use this data to pre-populate document templates or assist in the prioritization of work. All this can be achieved with just a few clicks and without the need for development staff.”

Winscribe BPM’s approval features can also be used to involve staff in the transcription process regardless of whether they are dictation system users or not. Fine control over business rules for dictation routing and escalation is only one aspect of this new capability.  Customers can also include control over parts of the process which were previously managed manually.

Winscribe is anticipated to move even further ahead of its competition when it announces additional news surrounding its Winscribe BPM product in early March.


About Winscribe BPM:

Based around Winscribe’s philosophy of building reliable and secure software that delivers fast ROI and improves the smooth running of your organization, Winscribe has developed a product aimed at managing and improving business processes in your legal firm – Winscribe BPM.

Winscribe BPM is business software that provides an easy and intuitive approach to improving inefficient processes, while reducing the prohibitive entry costs and complexity that are potential barriers to business process management for mid-market companies. Benefit from Winscribe’s 24/7 customer support and experience how bite-sized continuous improvement delivers ever increasing productivity gains.


About Winscribe Dictation:

Winscribe is the world leading provider of digital dictation software - supporting business requirements for digital dictation, transcription, voice recognition, and workflow management.

Due to its commitment to the highest standards of software reliability, document security and outstanding customer service, Winscribe is the largest supplier of digital dictation technology in the world - with installations in over 25 countries and over 350,000 users. Winscribe offers 24/7 customer support and competes in a number of significant vertical markets including Legal, Law Enforcement, Healthcare, Transcription, Surveying, Insurance and Government sectors and has the ability to make a difference in your organisation. Contact us to find out how Winscribe can help improve your business processes.


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