Huge Leap Forward For Medical Document Management As Winscribe Launches DocuLink

Auckland, NZ, 31 March, 2010 - Winscribe, the world leader in digital dictation and workflow systems, has launched DocuLink, a document management add-on to its digital dictation solution that is specifically tailored for the diverse and complex medical services sector.

Digital dictation is contributing to a huge reduction in turn around times for medical documentation and that now moves another major step forward with DocuLink, which forms a secure, encrypted interface with existing hospital information systems to pick up patient and departmental records and automatically add relevant information to documents as part of the digital dictation and transcription process.

DocuLink facilitates the automatic population of set fields within case notes, discharge summaries, memos and correspondence with essential static and clinical patient data, eradicating the need for typists to manually look up and transcribe details from the electronic patient records before starting an uploaded dictation job.

Using this information, managers can then establish a broad range of document templates, each automatically carrying correct key criteria and security data, dramatically reducing the number of manual input fields. This brings huge benefits in terms of accuracy and confidentiality, as well as faster document selection and creation.

The library of templates also allows authors to quickly prescribe a full range of correspondence for each job, with typists able to call up correct addresses from existing databases, as well as adding new contacts.

Working seamlessly with the Winscribe digital dictation operating system, transcribed DocuLink jobs can then be instantly reviewed by the author via their PC or mobile device. Authors can make corrections themselves or re-dictate them before a finalised document is ready for them to verify.

Each dictation job carries a unique job number, allowing it to be tracked and prioritised by the author or manager, with work being shared between typists as deadlines demand. Once the job has been finished and verified, the author’s digital signature can then be appended to finish off the document ready for printing.

Finally, the essential and hitherto time-consuming task of reviewing, collating and batch printing all correspondence is now fully automated within DocuLink, with all associated paperwork, from patient and insurance company letters, to internal memos and patient case notes correctly addressed and annotated at source.

Philip Vian, European Chief Executive Officer of Winscribe said:

"Winscribe Digital Dictation incorporating DocuLink replaces a slow, inefficient and risk-laden process with a transparent, flexible system that provides an instantaneous link between dictation, typing, review, correction verification and distribution. By eradicating inaccuracies and allowing for constant prioritisation and monitoring of progress, it adds a huge efficiency boost to the big reductions in turn around time already brought by digital dictation."

"In reality, with Winscribe Digital Dictation incorporating DocuLink, a vital task that is routinely taking weeks can now be done within hours, massively reducing waiting times and bringing down healthcare costs."

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