Winscribe Expands Into Business Process Management for Law Firms

Winscribe, the market innovator in digital dictation, transcription, and workflow management, today celebrates its expansion into business process management with the launch of Winscribe BPM.

Winscribe BPM is business software that provides an easy and intuitive approach to improving inefficient processes. Most processes have significant waste which costs law firms both time and money. Building on Winscribe’s long strong history of driving efficiency via digital dictation, Winscribe BPM allows law firms to streamline other process to:

  • Increase employee productivity 
  • Reduce errors and rework 
  • Increase visibility and reporting 
  • Reduce administration costs 
  • Increase accountability

With Winscribe BPM, management can be confident that work is performed in accordance with policy, at a faster rate, and with fewer errors, omissions, or rework – every time. This increased compliance leads to better service, happier customers and reduces cost and the pressure on both fee-earners and support staff. In addition, bite-size continuous improvement delivers ever increasing productivity and fast returns on the firm’s BPM investment.

“One of the goals of implementing Winscribe BPM was to have a single point of data entry for our Matter Intake Process”, states Bob DuBois of Devine, Millimet, & Branch. “Winscribe BPM will reduce our matter intake processing time, unify data between disparate systems and will increase staff efficiencies.”

Winscribe BPM reduces the prohibitive entry costs and complexity that are potential barriers to business process management for mid-market law firms.

The Winscribe approach to process discovery places an emphasis on being non-disruptive, by collecting and reviewing as much information as possible before any installation. As a result, users are able to get started quicker, work is less disrupted during installation and the cost of implementation is reduced.

Winscribe BPM includes a workflow designer that lets users quickly create or modify processes via a drag-and-drop interface rather than by writing code. Unlike many products, there are no additional license fees for access to the designer; all that is required are a set of permissions for as many users as necessary. Consequently law firms can realize the benefits of business process management with processes that are often considered cost-prohibitive. With Winscribe BPM they can manage as many processes as required without any additional fees.

Winscribe also provides free access to an optional Winscribe BPM Software Development Kit; allowing developers to easily create custom tasks to further extend the capabilities of Winscribe BPM. This gives firms the freedom, in-house to build and manage as many new processes as they choose without paying additional software fees.

The entry into business process management and the release of Winscribe BPM marks a real crossroads for Winscribe. To mark the momentous occasion, the company will adopt a new logo and visual identity to reflect the expanded product portfolio.

Commenting on the launch of Winscribe BPM and the new visual identity to accompany BPM, Matthew Weavers, Winscribe Group CEO said: ‘We are all very excited by the release of our new product, branding and fresh new look to the Winscribe website. Winscribe BPM turbo-charges all business processes to eliminate mistakes, reduce costs, increase efficiency and ensure compliance. This Winscribe BPM expands on our long history as a leading supplier of robust, innovative, enterprise workflow software for digital dictation’. 

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