Winscribe Digital Dictation Drives Down Turnaround Times to Improve Service for Patients

12 May, 2010 - 2010 is seeing an unprecedented focus on the twin yet conflicting pressures affecting medical organisations at all levels; greater cost-efficiency whilst meeting increasingly demanding patient pathway and discharge targets. One of the most fundamental solutions to both of these challenges is the slick production and distribution of patient notes and associated correspondence.

With more than 200,000 healthcare users in over 25 countries, Winscribe is making a significant contribution to improving efficiency for hospitals, physicians and consultants through innovative digital dictation products.

Winscribe provides a top-to-bottom digital dictation and workflow solution that can be installed across multiple sites or even Trusts, saving huge sums of money on framework and procurement administration. The Winscribe solution complies with the HL7 health industry standard that ensures disparate computer systems can communicate with each other. This enables the Winscribe system to integrate with HIS, RIS and EPR systems and allows users to dictate or transcribe either inside or outside of the hospital using the LAN/WAN, internet or telephone.

Using Winscribe’s digital dictation system, physicians and consultants can dictate patient notes, reports and letters anywhere and at any time during their working day; from a telephone, from a PC using a dictation microphone, or on the move using a portable recorder, a BlackBerry®, an iPhone or a Windows Mobile smartphone. Whichever they use, Winscribe gives them access to an instant response from the typing resource as well as control over job prioritisation and which typist they use.

This level of transparency and immediacy of response has been shown to reduce document turnaround time by some ten times compared to traditional tapes. For even greater speed, Winscribe can incorporate voice recognition, whereby typists simply correct and compile all the necessary documentation, ready for distribution.

Winscribe for BlackBerry and iPhone users

Recognising the increasing reliance on smartphones among senior medical and management personnel, Winscribe has developed systems for both BlackBerry and iPhone users along with Windows Mobile users, giving them complete dictation functionality on the move and providing considerable savings on the cost of stand-alone dictation devices.

DocuLink automated document management

As well as making life simpler and cheaper through front-end solutions, Winscribe has used its workflow and systems integrations expertise to develop DocuLink, a document management add-on that forms a secure, encrypted interface with existing hospital information systems.

DocuLink picks up patient and departmental records and automatically populates documents with essential static and clinical data, eradicating the need for typists to manually look up and transcribe details from the electronic patient records. DocuLink then enables mangers and departments to create document templates, each automatically populated with essential patient data, ensuring that patient notes, correspondence, referrals and so on are all generated concurrently and all bear the correct and up-to-date patient data. This dramatically cuts down the number of manual input fields and so reduces both turnaround time and error rates.

Transcribed DocuLink jobs can be instantly reviewed and corrected by the author via their PC or mobile device until the final document is ready for them to verify. Once digitally signed, documents are automatically collated ready for printing, saving yet more administrative time.

Winscribe is already used across almost all NHS trusts in Scotland and is becoming widely recognised as the most comprehensive and effective document management solution for the medical sector.

Philip Vian, European Chief Executive Officer of Winscribe said:

“By allowing for constant prioritisation, monitoring of progress and the eradication of inaccuracies, Winscribe is helping reduce the time taken to perform an essential part of patient care from weeks to hours, massively reducing waiting times and bringing down healthcare costs.”

Winscribe solutions are built on Microsoft architecture to ensure easy integration and maintenance. As well as being a Microsoft Gold certified partner, Winscribe is a RIM development partner and works with a range of technology partners, including Citrix, Nuance, Intel, Interwoven, VMware and Thawte.

These relationships mean Winscribe can support a wide range of dictation devices within scalable solutions; from small, single office locations up to large multinational corporations. Winscribe is also fully customisable to meet the needs of a number of significant markets including Legal, Law Enforcement, Healthcare, Transcription, Insurance and Government Sectors.

With offices in New Zealand, USA, UK, Australia and Switzerland, as well as over 100 sales partners, Winscribe is in use at over 3,500 installations worldwide.
This global presence and its relationships with sales partners and other technology providers gives Winscribe a unique insight into the needs of the market and it puts this to use through a substantial investment in R&D, keeping it ahead of the ever changing technology landscape. 

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