Winscribe And Philips – Continuing A Successful Technology Partnership

17 August 2010 - Winscribe, the market innovator in digital dictation, transcription and workflow management, continues its association with the Philips SpeechMike range with full support of the new SpeechMike III.

SpeechMike III represents a milestone in customer-driven product development, adding a range of ergonomic and practical improvements to the already hugely successful SpeechMike II. Through close consultation with professional users, Philips has made its latest digital dictation device better to handle, quicker to operate and easier to use for extended periods.

Those users also specified Winscribe compatibility as an essential element of the latest device.

The SpeechMike III is slimmer and housed in an antimicrobial chassis for safe, sanitary use. It is also symmetrical for equal ease for both right and left handed users. A new button layout offers simple push-to-dictate operation and minimised thumb movements for all dictation functions. The noise reduction mike has resulted in excellent sound quality perfect for speech recognition. As a result customers using speech recognition can also rely on the latest device’s compatibility with Winscribe.

It has improved microphone housing for better speech recognition, with a record LED light close to microphone to show the “On Air” status. Meanwhile, a clickable trackball offers more convenient use of the mouse functions, including a new volume control function.

Richard McLean, Chairman of Winscribe said: “The Philips family of SpeechMike products are already used successfully by thousands of Winscribe customers around the world. We are delighted that users of the SpeechMike III will be able to benefit both from new developments in ergonomic design and from an ongoing workflow partnership that offers them an increasingly flexible, convenient and productive digital dictation service.”

Neil Duggan, Sales Manager, Philips Speech Processing said: “With the SpeechMike III, our goal was to build on over 50 years of leadership in digital dictation with a genuine end user developed tool. That process has helped us once more set the standard in innovation, ergonomics and user-friendliness. And, through our ongoing partnership with Winscribe, we can be confident our users will continue to enjoy the very best in total dictation management.”

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