Winscribe Advances Healthcare Solution With Nuance Speech Recognition

Company announces expansion of global integration and distribution agreement

July 19, 2010 - Winscribe, global provider of Business Process and Digital Dictation solutions, today announced the expansion of their licensing agreement with Nuance Communications, Inc. The company embeds Nuance’s speech recognition technology into its dictation workflow solutions for healthcare. By integrating Nuance Speech Recognition, Winscribe is able to provide a global solution covering the US, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. With sales partners in over 25 countries and more than 350,000 Winscribe users worldwide, this partnership is expected to further boost the application of speech recognition in healthcare.

By embedding speech recognition into Winscribe’s software-based digital dictation, transcription management and workflow routing solution, dictations from authors can be automatically transcribed into text rather than routed to a secretary for manual transcription. In recent months, various hospitals have presented evidence showing that a speech recognition enhanced digital dictation system significantly reduces report turnaround time, saves costs and contributes to improve the quality of medical documentation.

“The Winscribe Nuance license agreement gives clients the certainty of commitment to quality from two companies synonymous with speech-based documentation solutions. Nuance enables us to provide a total solution boosting the efficiency of document production and speeding up turnaround time”, says Matthew Weavers, CEO of Winscribe. “The contract shows Winscribe’s complete commitment to the already strong relationship with Nuance and it proves our continued pursuit to partner with the best in class solution providers.”

Three modes of operation giving physicians’ flexibility

The Winscribe system powered by Nuance speech recognition supports three modes of operation. In the Client Mode recognition of Winscribe digital audio is performed by Nuance speech recognition on the author’s computer. The recognised text is returned directly into the Winscribe author application. In this mode users can create documents independently. A workflow alternative is provided through the Server Mode, during which the recognition of Winscribe digital audio is performed on the central server. Recognition results and metadata accompany the Winscribe digital audio to the transcriptionist, who reviews and edits the text draft. This raises productivity levels in transcription and thus reduces or eliminates backlogs. Finally, the mixed mode combines both workflows for giving authors the choice between immediate foreground recognition or deferred server recognition.

“Nuance’s philosophy is to respect the individual rules, requirements and resources of each healthcare organisation and to provide technologies that allow our partners to develop customised solutions”, says Marcel Wassink, Vice President for Healthcare in EMEA. “Winscribe shares this user-centric philosophy and the global licensing agreement bears testimony of our joint commitment to bring speech recognition to the market for the sake of more productive and efficient healthcare.”

Winscribe customers can buy speech recognition software from Winscribe and their sales partners who have been specifically trained in supplying and supporting Speech Recognition software from Nuance. Any Winscribe digital dictation system can be upgraded to include speech recognition software to give a seamless speech to text solution.

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