West Suffolk Hospital Elects SRC To Deliver Trust Wide Digital Dictation and Document Management

29 July 2010 – SRC, the leading provider of document creation and clinical information solutions, today announced they are completing a Trust wide deployment of the Winscribe digital dictation system to 350 users, across 29 specialities at West Suffolk Hospital (WSH).

As well as deploying digital dictation, SRC is also providing a full integration with the Trust’s Clinical Correspondence system. The Clinical Correspondence system, which has been developed by strategic partner, Bluewire Technologies is already deployed and supported throughout the Trust by SRC.

By integrating digital dictation and clinical correspondence, SRC are providing the Trust with a complete end-to-end document management solution. Clinicians can create new dictations whilst reviewing patient details from within an application that complies with Microsoft Health CUI standards for patient safety. Dictations, along with patient, hospital and GP data are then automatically sent to secretaries for completion. Draft document can then be electronically reviewed, approved and delivered to the GP or the end recipients. The solution also provides the Trust with a full document repository and audit trail facility.

Nick McDonnell, Head of IM&T at West Suffolk Hospital said: “In two months, the solution has enabled us to cut turnaround times within Cardiology and ENT by 2.36 days on average per letter. At the current rate of improvement, we predict turnaround times will be reduced even further by the end of 2010. The integrated SRC solution automates many of the frustrating and time-consuming tasks associated with dictating, typing and reviewing documents. As a result, our workforce is happier and more productive.”

Before undertaking the Trust wide dictation deployment, WSH undertook a pilot evaluation within the Cardiology and ENT departments.

Speaking about the pilot, Dr Brown, Cardiology Consultant at WSH said: “The solution is exceptionally easy to use and has delivered marked improvements to the way we work. We have flexibility to capture patient IDs and send dictations on the move. I can instantly see how dictations are progressing and even recall work to add in extra information. Previously, we’d waste time hunting down tapes and re-dictating work.”

Jackie Brennan, Administration & Clerical Team Leader at WSH added: “I have noticed a vast improvement in the speed with which clinic letters are being completed. Prior to digital dictation, secretaries were constantly waiting for tapes to be brought to them and then having to search the tape for urgent dictations.”

SRC has now delivered digital dictation solutions to over 50 NHS Trusts and a growing number are expanding their deployments to include integrated clinical correspondence and electronic discharge summaries.

Chris Hart, CEO at SRC, said: “As well as digital dictation and speech recognition solutions, we are now providing healthcare customers with a cost effective route to full electronic patient records. SRC is proud to be associated with West Suffolk Hospitals and the East of England region with this landmark project. The solution we are delivering creates a logical workflow that frees clinicians from unnecessary administrative duties and helps users become more productive and efficient.”

About West Suffolk Hospitals NHS Trust

The West Suffolk Hospital NHS Trust came into being on April 1st, 1993. It serves an area of approximately 600 square miles which extends to Thetford in the north, Sudbury in the south, Newmarket to the west and Stowmarket to the east. This encompasses a population of approximately 275,000.

The West Suffolk Hospital itself was founded in 1832, moving to its new site in Hardwick Lane in 1973. It was the first of a new design of hospitals to be known as “Best Buy” hospitals. This was the first standard design to combine a compact and economical hospital to meet modern purposes.

A major extension providing facilities for elderly patients opened in 1977, the Day Surgery Unit opened in 1994, the Education Centre was completed 2003, the Eye Treatment Centre in 2004 and the new Macmillan Centre opened in 2005.

March 2006 saw the completion of a £3.4m Radiology scheme that delivered a new X-ray facility in the A&E area to aid through put of patients, a new nuclear medicine department, an additional CT scanner suite and new waiting areas. The final phase of the scheme is to provide a covered walkway to the MRI suite.

The West Suffolk Hospital has around 480 beds open at any one time.

Set in a 19-hectare parkland site on the edge of Bury St Edmunds, the hospital has scope for expansion to meet the developing health care needs of the people of west Suffolk.

About SRC

SRC is a leading provider of digital dictation, speech recognition and clinical information solutions. The company's mission is to ensure customers achieve cost savings and productivity improvements through the delivery, implementation and support of leading edge technologies.

SRC only partners with best-of-breed, global technology providers, including WinScribe, Nuance, Bluewire Technologies, DocsCorp, PCTI Solutions, Olympus and Philips.

SRC is a Microsoft Certified Partner and ISO 9001 certified.

SRC is privately owned and backed by leading financial institution, DJF Esprit.

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