University Hospital of North Staffordshire redesign document creation with SRC’s digital dictation solution

London, 20 September 2010 – University Hospital of North Staffordshire (UHNS) have awarded SRC, a UK provider of document creation and clinical information solutions, the contract to deploy the Winscribe digital dictation solution to all 26 specialities across the Trust’s three hospital sites.

The business need for deploying digital dictation to over 700 users was highlighted when UHNS undertook a Lean review process. One part of the review highlighted that a significant portion of time and effort that was currently being spent on dictating, typing and creating documents could be saved by replacing the current tape system.

Heidi Poole, Workforce Manager at UHNS said: “During the review we mapped out the dictation and typing processes. Each letter was taking 21 steps to complete. Straight away SRC were able to cut this down to just six steps, eliminating all the big time wasting elements of the processes by automating them and removing the need for extensive end user involvement.”

Before opting to deploy the solution Trust wide, UHNS undertook an evaluation of alternative providers and completed a pilot deployment with SRC within the Oncology & Haematology department.

“The way the solution enables work to flow was extremely straight-forward and the best we saw. SRC also had the ability to quickly deploy the solution to users, which was confirmed by references from neighbouring Trusts,” added Heidi Poole.

Dictations are recorded and transferred from clinicians to typist using the solutions unique workflow capability. Typists are also able to work together and instantly filter jobs and locate urgent dictations.

“We are really happy with the solution and seeing the benefits of a much easier way of reviewing, managing and controlling workloads,” said Jenny O’Brien, who is the Trust’s project leader within the Oncology department.

In addition to this latest win, SRC have also deployed digital dictation to many other Trusts in the North West region, including deployments at University Hospital of South Manchester, Mid Cheshire Hospitals and Trafford Healthcare NHS Trust.

Chris Hart, CEO at SRC added; “We are pleased to be the leading supplier of dictation solutions to Trust’s within the North West region and to welcome UHNS as a new customer. Using the experience we have gained from deploying digital dictation across nearly 55 NHS Trusts, we look forward to helping UHNS boost efficiencies and generate time and cost savings through a rapid deployment of the Winscribe solution.”

About UHNS
University Hospital currently runs three hospital sites: the North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary, the City General and Central Out-patients.  Each year we care for over 600,000 people who come to us for emergency treatment, planned operations and medical care.

We are a teaching hospital in partnership with Keele University and we have a patient-centred clinical research facility providing state-of-the-art facilities. Our new 370 million pound hospital is under construction and will be fully operational in 2012.

About SRC
SRC is a leading provider of digital dictation, speech recognition and clinical information solutions. The company's mission is to ensure customers achieve cost savings and productivity improvements through the delivery, implementation and support of leading edge technologies.

SRC only partners with best-of-breed, global technology providers, including Winscribe, Nuance, Bluewire Technologies, DocsCorp, PCTI Solutions, Olympus and Philips.

SRC is a Microsoft Certified Partner and ISO 9001 certified.

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