Winscribe V 4.0 Update Adds Centralised Templates For Even Faster Document Creation

21 May, 2010 - Winscribe has enhanced its market-leading version 4.0 digital dictation and workflow system by giving organisations using its speech recognition integration the ability to build a library of standard text templates for authors to select at the point of dictation.

Incorporating standard templates with speech recognition means less dictation time, less transcription time and greater accuracy, enabling further optimisation of the typing resource and even quicker turnaround times.

Standard templates held centrally on the Winscribe server, are easily accessible to all authorised users. Once connected to the Winscribe server, authors can take full advantage of them from anywhere at any time regardless of the computer they are using.  Users can create their own standard templates to be held in folders filed by department, job type or individual. When an author begins a job, Winscribe knows which templates to offer.

As well as ‘static’ templates, the new update allows for templates with variable fields to enable the author to customise the template exactly. The system also allows authors to select and customise standard templates using voice recognition, further speeding up the dictation process. New templates can also be created by the author and Winscribe will automatically synchronise them with centrally stored templates.

Existing customers with software assurance are eligible for a free upgrade to version 4.0 with the enhanced author features.

Philip Vian, European Chief Executive Officer of Winscribe, said: ‘’Our speech recognition module is an integral part of our dictation and workflow solution and is used successfully by our users within many professions. This latest update will help customers streamline their document creation and workflow processes yet further.”

Winscribe’s version 4.0 digital dictation and workflow software makes document creation easier for authors, secretaries and managers. Designed to speed up the whole process whilst keeping all users fully informed of each job’s status, Winscribe ensures that each document is produced in the required time, guaranteeing a better standard of service at a more cost effective price.

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