Southeastern Orthopedic Center Improves Their Dictation to Transcription Workflow Process...

...with Custom Winscribe Dictation Integrations and wordZXpressed

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 5, 2010 – Headquartered in Savannah, Georgia, Southeastern Orthopedic Center consists of a surgery center, 20 satellite offices located throughout Georgia and South Carolina and a hospital in Reidsville, Georgia. They were looking for a way to reduce errors, lost files and ineffiencies in their dictation to transcription process. After meeting up with Winscribe Certified Reseller, Integrated Data Technologies (IDT), and transcription company, wordZXpressed, Southeastern Orthopedic Center learned how they could integrate their technologies and standardize their document process with Winscribe Dictation.

Prior to using Winscribe Dictation, Southeastern Orthopedic Center’s dictations were managed manually by physician assistants (PAs) and medical assistants (MAs). After dictations were captured using multiple brands of dictation devices, PAs and MAs copied the audio files to a shared folder on the network, which took time and increased the chance of error.

Compounding the ineffiencies of Southeastern Orthopedic Center’s dictation to transcription process was the use of a hodgepodge of transcriptionists. Internal employees from Southeastern Orthopedic Center, external contractors and two separate dictation companies, including an offshore transcription company, were used to transcribe their dictations. “The external, independent contractors were a constant strain on resources. Often, they had connectivity or other IT issues of their own,” noted Rob Snipes, Director of Information Technology at Southeastern Orthopedic Center.

“The process was plagued with missing files, transcriptionists duplicating efforts by improperly assigned work and an overall inefficient process,” stated Mr. Snipes. Southeastern Orthopedic Center knew it was time to make a change, and they made a call to Winscribe reseller, Integrated Data Technologies (IDT).

After meeting with IDT, Southeastern Orthopedic Center decided to purchase Winscribe Dictation and Philips 9610 handheld digital dictation devices to use with all of their providers. “We chose the Philips devices due to their barcode scanning capabilities. The Philips devices also had a better warranty than the devices that we previously used,” stated Mr. Snipes.

The IT staff at Southeastern Orthopedic Center took advantage of Winscribe’s free software development kit (SDK) to create an integration to perform a real time data feed of patient demographic data from the GE patient management system to the Winscribe database. The integration between Winscribe Dictation and GE provides Winscribe with access to all necessary patient information and enables Southeastern Orthopedic Center to better manage patient information by preparing custom daily reports of each physician’s appointments for that day. The reports generated from this integration also provide the physician with a reminder of dictations needed for the day, and the physician is able to manage their patient load by marking patients off the report as they complete dictations for that patient. Since Winscribe Dictation has access to patient information, this also means that the physicians only have to state a minimal amount of patient demographic information, which saves dictation time. Mr. Snipes explains, “when the physician downloads the dictations for the day, a custom trigger on the database populates fields in Winscribe Dictation that automatically fills out the necessary patient information, service location, appointment time, etc.”

Mr. Snipes further discusses that “the Winscribe-GE integration also allows the MA or PA to run reconciliation or status reports at the end of the day. This report shows all of the patients scheduled for the day and the current status in Winscribe. If a physician accidently misses a dictation, it will show up in a red highlight on the status report. For the files that were uploaded properly, it shows the current status, whether they are listed as ‘not assigned’, ‘in process,’ etc. This lets the physician know if all of the dictations are completely finished before he or she leaves the office.”

Once the dictations are complete, they are transferred securely to the Winscribe server and are able to be accessed remotely by wordZXpressed, the outsourced transcription company introduced by IDT and hired by Southeastern Orthopedic Center. Since wordZXpressed is also a Winscribe client and has been using it for over 4 years to manage their customers’ transcriptions, this enabled a smooth transfer of sensitive information and a seamless dictation to transcription process.

“With Southeastern Orthopedic Center’s physicians utilizing barcode scanners, we are able to easily integrate the encounter information from their practice management system into the Winscribe Dictation job information. This information is then passed to the transcription platform along with the audio. By pairing the demographics with the audio, we greatly increase transcription efficiencies while reducing transcription errors at the same time. This results in better turnaround times and quality for the customer,” explains Mike Iconis, Vice President of Information Technology at wordZXpressed.

After the files are transcribed, they are transmitted from wordZXpressed in a custom format specific to Southeastern Orthopedic Center’s specifications. Mr. Snipes further described that “using specific naming conventions, files are automatically imported into our EMR system, sent to a specific printer or get stored in a folder for mailing a carbon copy to a referring physician.” The custom format specifications create a more efficient method for accessing or storing Southeastern Orthopedic Center’s transcribed data and reduce the chance that information will be lost or misplaced.

“Since implementing Winscribe, we have seen a significant reduction in errors and, more importantly, a consistent process for physicians, MAs and PAs to follow,” states Mr. Snipes.

Regarding Southeastern Orthopedic Center’s success in using outsourced transcription company, wordZXPressed, Mr. Snipes had this to say:

“With our previous method for managing dictations and transcribed documents, physicians were sending their dictations off to internal and external transcriptionists, all of which had a separate process for completing the transcription. Going with wordZXpressed meant that all physicians had to follow the same process for dictation and received the transcribed documents the same way. With the use of Winscribe Dictation and the services of wordZXpressed, our process is standardized and much more efficient.”

Mr. Iconis added,

“Southeastern Orthopedic Center’s turnaround times and quality have both improved with the use of the Winscribe SDK and Winscribe Dictation’s use of scripting in the Typist application. The transcriptionists have definitely enjoyed using Winscribe over the last 4 years, as they spend much less time looking up demographics and more time typing. With the open architecture, customization tools and usability, we have been able to easily implement custom workflows when clients migrate to new EMRs or patient management systems. Management is intuitive, and the reporting capabilities are robust. When you factor in the compatibility, ease of use and customization options, Winscribe Dictation stands out compared to other dictation systems. Thanks to all of these features, our management team and transcriptionists can do their jobs faster and better, which can be seen by Southeastern Orthopedic Center as well as our other customers.”

Southeastern Orthopedic Center couldn’t be happier with their new dictation to transcription process. According to Mr. Snipes, “There has definitely been a significant improvement since we implemented Winscribe Dictation. The benefits of the new process are great and include: the ability to listen to jobs and view job statuses at any time; the capability to measure turnaround time from our transcription company to make sure that they are turning dictations around in the specified time; and the power to ensure that all dictations are properly completed and uploaded prior to the physician leaving the clinic for the day. Winscribe, wordZXpressed, and IDT successfully worked together to create an efficient and consistent process for us to follow.”

About Southeastern Orthopedic Center

Headquartered in Savannah, Georgia, Southeastern Orthopedic Center consists of a primary surgery center, 20 satellite offices located throughout Georgia and South Carolina, and a hospital in Reidsville, Georgia. Their goal is to provide state-of-the-art care by maintaining quality standards at affordable costs.
With 25 of the finest and best-trained orthopedic surgeons in the region, a full-service outpatient surgery center, digital MRI and x-ray services, physical therapy, and hand therapy in one convenient location, Southeastern Orthopedic Center provides their customers with the best comprehensive orthopedic care.
They offer subspecialty expertise in: Sports Medicine, Joint Replacement, Spine & Neck, Trauma, Foot & Ankle, Hand & Wrist, Pediatric and Interventional Pain Management areas.

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About wordZXpressed

Founded in 1993, wordZXpressed has grown to become a leading provider of medical transcription services to physician group practices and ambulatory surgery centers. As a U.S. based company with nearly 200 domestic employees, wordZXpressed places strong emphasis on quality and efficiency. This focus has enabled them to maintain long-term relationships with many large and notable groups from all specialties.

wordZXpressed offers customized solutions designed to fit the varying needs of physicians and their respective medical records departments. These solutions include portable and telephony based dictation, barcoding, EMR integration, WEB-based E-signature solutions and client/server based document management.

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IDT is a certified Winscribe reseller and regional network systems integrator specializing in the design, implementation and support of the enterprise networks. IDT has the combined resources, experience and expertise to install and support the most complex local/wide area networks.
The IDT team is made up of highly-skilled professionals, dedicated to supporting our customers before and after the sale. They provide services necessary to effectively design, install, implement, and support the most complex network systems. The local support team works closely with customer staff members before, during and after each network installation to ensure smooth implementation, and minimal disruption of business activities throughout the process.

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