Smartphone Users Work Smarter With Winscribe's Most Powerful Dictation Software Yet

Auckland, NZ, 31 March, 2010 - After successful field trials, Winscribe has released an enhanced version 4.0 of its market-leading digital dictation and workflow system, adding new and unique functionality that makes workflow management virtually seamless for organisations with multiple authors in the field.

A key feature of the new version is an updated application for BlackBerry® smartphones, making them the equal of dedicated dictation devices in terms of job management and author control.

Compatible with all BlackBerry smartphones running V4.2.1 and above of the operating system, the new application provides users with unlimited dictation time - governed by the available memory on the SD card - and the ability to synchronise with a server or computer through Wi-Fi or a USB connection, as well as via the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server. This makes the BlackBerry smartphone a powerful and instant tool for dictation and job management, even in areas of little or slow network coverage.

Unlike some other systems, the latest Winscribe application for BlackBerry smartphones enable users to prioritise jobs in day/date order and select and change which secretaries receive their work. They also have a range of confidentiality options allowing them to channel work in the most appropriate way at source.

Aside from BlackBerry smartphones, the latest Winscribe software also introduces a number of new features designed to make workflow management as easy as possible for authors, secretaries and managers. Job lists are presented in a user-friendly grid with numerous field sorting and filtering options to help users organise their jobs, while an indicator tells authors which secretaries are logged in, helping them direct work efficiently at all times. The job management system is designed to resemble Microsoft Outlook for familiarity and ease of integration, whilst an updated graphics interface allows users to create individual looks and themes.

Jobs can be tracked by a single reference number, allowing multiple tasks to be easily grouped and filed, whilst managers can allocate secretaries to individual authors, departments, or job types as well as establishing and transferring templates for individual authors or job types.

Philip Vian, European Chief Executive Officer of Winscribe, said:

"With our unmatched knowledge of workflow and an R&D team continually updating platforms and building ever more robust and useable systems, we have come significantly closer to making dictation via handheld devices such as BlackBerry smartphones a seamless and practical method for both out in the field and in the office."

Part of the Winscribe mobility suite, Winscribe for BlackBerry smartphones supports BlackBerry devices running V4.2.1 and above of the operating system, including:

  • BlackBerry® 8800™ smartphone
  • BlackBerry® Curve™ 8300 smartphone series
  • BlackBerry® Pearl™ 8100 smartphone series
  • BlackBerry® 8700™ smartphone series
  • BlackBerry® Bold™ 9000 smartphone series
  • BlackBerry® Storm™ smartphone series
  • New models that support V4.2.1 and above
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