And the winner is....Winscribe formally announces the winner of their Process Makeover Competition

Auckland, October 5, 2010 - Winscribe is delighted to formally announce the winner of their US$150,000 Business Process Makeover Competition as Dean Mead.

The Florida-based law firm won the competition after Deron Peak, Director of Information Technology, wrote an impressive entry outlining why his firm should win Winscribe’s biggest ever competition.

Deron Peak, who was awarded an iPad remarked, "I was delighted to hear that Dean Mead was picked as the winner of the contest and we are all excited about getting a BPM solution in our firm. Our current manual processes take up too much time and energy and require double and even triple entry into our different systems. I love the fact that we will be able to enter data once and send it on its way for approval and it will end up in the correct place without any extra manual entry required. In a time when resources and people-power are tight, a BPM solution will really help us ease our work load and keep our processes flowing. Oh, and I love my new iPad too. Thanks Winscribe, we can't wait to implement your BPM solution!"

Winscribe will initially work on implementing an automated process for Dean Mead’s expense reporting and check requests.
Winscribe launched the competition in June to celebrate the release of Winscribe BPM, business process management software designed to streamline processes in law firms to:

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Reduce errors and rework
  • Increase visibility and reporting
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Increase accountability

Sharon Turner from Southern District Health Board, in Invercargill, New Zealand won an iPad for Winscribe’s combined ‘Big News’ and BPM makeover competition. Sharon’s entry was drawn at random from the hundreds of entries Winscribe received.

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