North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust Selects Digital Dictation from Voice Technologies

Winscribe and WinVoicePro digital dictation solutions from Voice Technologies will help foundation trust to meet healthcare targets and boost efficiency

19 March, 2010 - North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust has chosen to deploy digital dictation solutions from Voice Technologies, in order to help meet national healthcare reporting targets and boost administrative efficiency, with the trust making use of the Framework contract established with Voice Technologies for NHS Trusts on Yorkshire and Humber.

Voice Technologies has worked closely with the trust to introduce Winscribe digital dictation software, which will reduce turnaround times for medical correspondence and referral letters, and ensure priority items can be completed the same day. Voice Technologies will also be providing all support and software assurance to the trust.

Consultancy and training provided by Voice Technologies will ensure that all relevant clinical and administrative staff at the foundation trust will be able to use the digital dictation software to streamline working practices, as well as reducing clinical risk as a result of increased accuracy.
A key benefit of the Winscribe digital dictation software over traditional analogue technology is that dictation notes can be sent by clinicians to secretarial staff electronically in real time, increasing efficiency and speeding up the process of transcribing patient treatment reports. In addition, the enhanced sound quality of digital recording reduces transcription errors to save further administrative time.

Mick Fox, I.C.T. Infrastructure Services Manager at North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust said: “We chose to partner with Voice Technologies because of the company’s proven expertise and experience in installing digital dictation solutions for NHS trusts and health boards across England and Scotland.

“The digital dictation solutions we have in place from Voice Technologies will help us to meet new reporting challenges, and to increase the speed and efficiency of patient treatment communication, to help ensure timely patient progress and improved access to care.”

Since the initial introduction of Voice Technologies’ digital dictation solutions, North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust has further extended its order to include hardware for 50 secretaries, with the technology offering significant improvements in efficiency.

Voice Technologies is also currently working with the foundation trust to introduce WinVoicePro, a solution specifically developed by Voice Technologies to accelerate the process of creating correspondence within the NHS, helping healthcare organisations to meeting targets such as the 18-week referral to treatment and GP discharge summary targets.

Alistair Graham, Sales and Technical Director at Voice Technologies explained: “WinVoicePro integrates Winscribe with electronic patient records or patient administration systems to allow letters to be automatically populated with patient information through the dictation process.

“Given the huge volumes of correspondence generated in hospitals, WinVoicePro’s ability to save staff minutes on each and every letter produced gives trusts the ability to make significant efficiency gains, saving time and money and making the best use of available resources.”

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