Winscribe Launches New iPhone App for Healthcare Professionals

November 8, 2010 - Winscribe, the world leading provider of digital dictation and workflow solutions, launches Winscribe MD, its latest addition to the Winscribe Mobility Suite.

Designed for the iPhone, Winscribe MD incorporates an advance scheduling system that allows users to view appointments and patient details, as well as capture and manage dictations, all in one application.

In today’s healthcare environment, it is critical that hospitals offer physicians the ability to dictate wirelessly, on the move and without compromising access to dictation and clinical information. With a user-friendly interface and secure data transmission to protect patient information, Winscribe MD allows users to manage dictations, schedule patient appointments and access patient information, while using their iPhones.

The new application provides users with an advance scheduling system, which allows staff to view appointments and patient details and report accordingly, while they are away from their desk. Busy healthcare professionals are notified of any scheduling changes in their day, which means greater efficiency is realized. The scheduling information is fully synchronized with the Winscribe server via Wi-Fi or 3G networks, ensuring ease of use and better management of patient data.

Using Winscribe MD, healthcare professionals can select individual patient information from a list of their patients, patients in their department or all patients in the facility. This unique feature provides them with unprecedented flexibility for inpatient unscheduled reporting and helps them meet the demands of cost-efficiency and discharge targets.

An important differentiating feature of the Winscribe application for the iPhone is to allow authors to prioritize dictations. This means that transcriptionists can prioritize their jobs accordingly, which results in faster document turnaround time.

The Winscribe solution is fully compliant with the HL7 health industry standards, which enables disparate computer systems to communicate with each other. Winscribe MD is fully secure with dictations sent to the Winscribe server via HTTPS transmission.

Matthew Weavers, Winscribe Chief Executive Officer said: ‘As leading global solutions provider for the healthcare industry, Winscribe works closely with healthcare professionals to understand the increasing demands placed on them. As such our R&D team is continually creating tools and updating platforms which assist the changing work requirements and the need for mobile working options’.

Part of the Winscribe Mobility Suite, Winscribe MD is compatible for all iPhones running OS v. 3.1.3 and above including:

  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4

Winscribe MD is also compatible with the iPod Touch 3G (requires external microphone), iPod Touch 4 and the iPad.

Download Winscribe MD from Apple’s iPhone app store free of charge.

Contact Winscribe or your local Winscribe reseller to find out how you can take advantage of the full capabilties of Winscribe’s digital dictation system and Winscribe MD.

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