Winscribe Receives Microsoft 'Most Valuable Contributor' Plaque

November 3, 2010 - Winscribe receives the ‘Most Valuable Contributor’ plaque from Microsoft, for their significant contribution to the Microsoft Connected Technologies Advisor Group.

Winscribe were invited to participate in this small prestigious group due to their experience in evaluating and explaining the business benefits of software investment. This, coupled with Winscribe’s knowledge of testing new software and ability to give constructive feedback to early builds of products, made Winscribe’s involvement with the group ideal.

Since joining the Connected Technologies Advisor Group, Winscribe has established a mutually beneficial working relationship with Microsoft under which both companies benefit from sharing expertise and experience.

Greg Allen, Winscribe’s CTO explains: ‘Winscribe’s involvement with Microsoft Connected Technologies Advisor Group has been especially valuable in helping Winscribe to build new technology against pre-released software. This ensures Winscribe customers experience the latest in Microsoft technology’.

The relationship Winscribe has formed with Microsoft further demonstrates Winscribe’s commitment to work with companies who are market leaders. As a result Winscribe continues to build quality software which addresses their customer’s needs.

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