McCabe Terrill Finds It Has Increased Speed, Flexibility And Mobility, Thanks To Winscribe

5 August 2010 - McCabe Terrill, a specialist law firm servicing clients in the commercial, insurance and government spheres, has adopted Winscribe’s digital dictation and workflow management solution, having found digital dictation alone did not help achieve its goals. With a reputation of high quality and timely advice, delivered through an innovative and pragmatic approach, McCabe Terrill wanted its professionals to be able to “dictate on the go.”

The central problem for the firm was that its offsite transcription service could not respond quickly enough to the natural increase in demand brought about by digital dictation.

Paul Jacobs, Word Processing Manager at McCabe Terrill, explained: “We were not able to dock portable devices to upload dictations and had no central management features to enable staff to see where the job was in the production queue, redirect jobs or amend priorities.”

After carefully researching the Digital Dictation market, McCabe Terrill decided the Winscribe solution best suited their aims.

“Winscribe had a really attractive pricing and licensing model and the product itself was incredibly easy to use which is so important. If the users can’t pick it up quickly you might as well not bother implementing it. We were very pleased with Winscribe in that respect” continued Jacobs.

Aided by the Winscribe’s support team, McCabe Terrill were able to swiftly roll out the system to their professionals, using a mixture of tethered SpeechMikes and handheld digital recorders to manage their dictations.

Jacobs said: “Winscribe communicated seamlessly with the managers, IT team and the staff, the installation was one of the smoothest of all of our internal systems rollouts and the training provided was excellent.”

Under the Winscribe system, all transcription work is sent automatically to typists within transcription pools and by logging remotely, they can now work from home.

“Being able to do this with our dictation system was paramount” explained Jacobs,

who, since the installation of the Winscribe system, has saved a huge amount of time spent maintaining and supporting secretaries and professionals.

“The system tends to run itself to a large degree” he continued “which has alleviated a lot of back and forth between myself, the secretary and the professionals. I can log on to the Winscribe management dashboard from anywhere. It gives me an at-a-glance view of where all jobs are at in the system, so I’m able to easily identify backlogs quickly and easily, as well as view a range of reports on productivity.”

The primary objective of speeding up turnaround has undoubtedly been met, as Jacobs explains:

“We have now set up different turnaround times for urgent and standard dictations. Urgent jobs account for 70% of our work and they are returned within 4 hours, and all standard work is returned within 24 hours.”

As well as the clear benefits to Jacob’s own function, the firm’s professionals are now able to log in and see where their dictations are in the transcription queue.

“Under the previous system, they had no visibility and it was coming back to me to check the status if jobs became urgent. Now, they can go into the Winscribe system and view that status themselves quickly and easily,” Jacobs explained.

That visibility has provided an unforeseen benefit for the firm by transforming work-life balance. Professionals no longer need to be in the office to dictate and typists are no longer bound to the workplace to transcribe. This has given staff the option of a more flexible working environment.

Stuart Windybank, Insurance Principal at McCabe Terrill said: “The ability to dictate and transcribe offsite has had a huge impact, not only on improving service to our clients but also allowing flexible work practices for our staff. It is a win-win for us.”

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