Winscribe Demonstrates the Route to Efficient Patient Care at Healthcare 2010

20 April, 2010 - Stand No. 186, HC 2010 Exhibition, 27 to 29 April 2010, ICC, Birmingham.

  • Complete digital dictation control for smartphone users, including BlackBerry and iPhone
  • Total integration with hospital data systems
  • Automated transcription/review/signoff facility with preloaded essential data
  • Huge savings in time and money

Healthcare 2010 will see an unprecedented focus on the twin pressures affecting organisations at all levels; greater cost-efficiency as well as meeting pathway and discharge targets. Even with an election looming and the possibility of a change of government, the need to find solutions to these problems is as pressing as ever.

One of the most fundamental solutions to each of these challenges is the slick production and distribution of patient notes and associated correspondence. Thankfully, Winscribe, the world leader in digital dictation and workflow systems, will be on stand number 186 to demonstrate how its latest innovations can revolutionise these functions.

Fully integrated workflow

Winscribe is a top-to-bottom digital dictation and workflow solution that can be installed across multiple sites or even Trusts, saving huge sums of money on framework and procurement administration. The system integrates with HIS, RIS and EPR systems and can be used to dictate or transcribe either inside or outside of the hospital using the LAN/WAN, internet or telephone.

Healthcare professionals will be able to see how they can dictate documents at any time from a PC, a hand-held digital recorder, a touch-tone telephone or a smartphone, with each giving them instant response from the typing resource and also control over priority and typist.

Winscribe for BlackBerry and iPhone users

Winscribe will also be demonstrating its latest software for BlackBerry® and iPhone users, giving them complete dictation functionality on the move and negating the need for a separate dictation device.

The Winscribe solution benefits from compliance with the HL7 health industry standard which is designed to enable disparate computer systems to communicate. This not only makes it simpler to integrate into hospital environments but has also allowed Winscribe to develop DocuLink, a document management add-on that forms a secure, encrypted interface with existing hospital information systems.

DocuLink automated document management

Visitors to the show can see how DocuLink picks up patient and departmental records and automatically populates documents with essential static and clinical data, eradicating the need for typists to manually look up and transcribe details from the electronic patient records.

Winscribe will also demonstrate the range of document templates that can be produced with DocuLink. Each template is pre-loaded with the correct key criteria and security data, dramatically reducing the number of manual input fields.

Transcribed DocuLink jobs can be instantly reviewed and corrected by the author via their PC or mobile device until the final document is ready for them to verify. Once digitally signed, documents are automatically collated ready for printing, saving yet more administrative time.

Winscribe is already used across almost all NHS trusts in Scotland and is becoming widely recognised as the most comprehensive and effective document management solution for the medical sector.

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