Top 200 Law Firm, Forster Dean, selects Winscribe Dictation

October 7, 2010 - Forster Dean, one of the UK’s largest high street law firms has purchased Winscribe Digital Dictation and workflow management solution, after meeting Winscribe at February’s Legal IT show.

Ranked in the top 200 law firms in the country, Forster Dean specialise in personal injury litigation and domestic conveyancing. Like Winscribe, Forster Dean prides themselves on their relationships with their clients and their ability to integrate with the latest technology.

Having previously reviewed the market and following a successful Winscribe pilot of four secretaries and six solicitors (authors); Forster Dean decided to roll out Winscribe Digital Dictation to its 18 offices, 35 secretaries and 50 solicitors, just seven months after making initial contact with Winscribe.
To improve fee earners billing capability, Forster Dean opted for both office dictation with the Philips 5274 SpeechMike and mobility dictation via the Winscribe BlackBerry digital dictation application.

The ability to offer flexible dictation methods has increased work productivity and the use of the Blackberry means a single device can be used to access their document management system, record dictation, do emails and make telephone calls.

Gregory Shields, Managing Director of Forster Dean said: ‘We were are to see immediate benefit of using digital dictation. The document turnaround time of all dictated documents has been greatly reduced. We are very happy with the Winscribe system and the flexibility it provided to solicitors and secretaries alike.’

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