Leading Canadian Law Firm, Davis LLP, Selects Winscribe Digital Dictation

28 July 2010 - Davis LLP, a leading full-service law firm providing a comprehensive range of legal services, has selected Winscribe’s digital dictation workflow management solution to replace its traditional analog dictation system.

With over 200 lawyers and offices in Canada and Japan, Davis was becoming increasingly frustrated with their old, tape-based dictation equipment failing and the audio quality the tapes fading. They decided that they needed to make a change and replace their old dictation system with the latest digital dictation technology.

After evaluating Winscribe Dictation to BigHand, Crescendo and Verdatum’s dictation software packages, Davis LLP chose the Winscribe solution for its cost, excellent customer service and the mobility option available with its BlackBerry smartphone integration.

Dean Leung, Davis LLP’s Director of Information Technology, said: “We strongly promote mobility at our firm and aim to provide our lawyers with a single device that provides multiple services. We liked the fact that the user’s BlackBerry devices can be used for time and billing, access to our document management system and dictation, which saves the cost of purchasing additional specific hardware. Winscribe for BlackBerry Smartphones was truly a fit for our firm. Also, because our attorneys have different working practices and some of them prefer to use digital handheld recorders, Winscribe’s flexibility in allowing for multiple recording options was a benefit.”

As a result of Winscribe Dictation’s workflow capabilities, work can easily be transferred to resource staff and night word processors, who work across different offices and time zones. With Winscribe’s routing capabilities and Davis LLP’s support staff across different time zones, urgent jobs can be transcribed at any time, day or night. The flexibility offered by Winscribe means that dictation can now be adapted to work with Davis LLP’s way of working.

Cristina James, IT Project Co-ordinator for Davis LLP explains: “Our highly specialized lawyers work in integrated practice groups to deliver cross-jurisdictional advice. With the Winscribe system, we have been able to define and create typist groups and lawyer teaming names that allow the lawyers to route their dictations to the appropriate transcription staff members. In addition, the creation of these lawyer and typist groups makes it very easy to support our various teaming models. This helps with Winscribe administration in that, if the lawyer's assistant is away, the lawyer can re-route the job to someone else without the need for administrative intervention.”

Ms. James has summed up their experience with Winscribe by saying, “We are very happy with our new digital dictation system. Winscribe’s dictation software for BlackBerry smartphones has aided our lawyers in providing the best service to their clients no matter where they are. Our support staff has benefited as well. With Winscribe and the use of digital voice capture, our audio quality has improved dramatically. This makes it easier for our transcription staff to complete jobs more accurately, and the workflow management capabilities of Winscribe enable us to track job statuses and monitor workloads easily. Winscribe has truly enabled us to streamline our dictation to transcription process and reduce administrative overhead, all while providing us with a latest technologies that appeal to our staff.”

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