Winscribe to Demonstrate Winscribe Dictation Version 4.0 Integrated with Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 10 at International Legal Technology Association Annual Conference

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) August 26, 2009 - Winscribe, the market innovator in digital dictation, transcription, and workflow management solutions has announced today that it will be unveiling Winscribe Dictation Version 4.0 and its integration with Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 10 at the International Legal Technology Association’s Annual Conference taking place August 24 – 27, 2009 outside of Washington, DC.

There are a number of key features that will be on display including Winscribe Dictation’s new secretary client that provides easier identification of dictations, easier team working, and an enhanced dictation job filtering option. The release also provides improved control of organization workload through advanced reporting tools and the ability to upload dictations from a wider array of manufacturer independent input devices.

Also on display will be Winscribe’s front-end and back-end speech recognition integration options. Winscribe Dictation Version 4.0 integrates Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 10 by Nuance into the dictation workflow process to offer end users substantial productivity gains over traditional dictation. Winscribe is the only legal dictation vendor that offers both front-end and back-end speech recognition integration into its workflow and has a proven record of success with these deployments.

Butler, Snow, O'Mara, Stevens and Cannada, PLLC is one such example of a recent success. In early 2009 the firm deployed Winscribe in conjunction with Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking in an effort to boost support staff efficiency and leverage secretarial skills.

“Our overall goal was to improve our secretarial capabilities,” explains Ken Jones, Director of Information Technology at Butler Snow. “We wanted our secretaries to do more than just transcribe. By reducing this time consuming task, our secretaries were able to support more attorneys so our goals were met.”

Winscribe Dictation allowed the firm to restructure its support staff team into a centralized group that handles transcription more efficiently than as structured previously. Dictation is automatically routed to the group and processed as received.

“Speech recognition was a key factor for us. We did not want to just shift the workload. We wanted to find a way to make the dictation to transcription process much faster,” said Jones. “Winscribe has enabled us to meet our goal. We have provided our secretaries with the tool they needed to reduce the amount of time spent handling dictations. This has allowed these secretaries to support more attorneys than before,”  concludes Jones.

Eight months after their initial deployment, Support Services Coordinator, Donna Ezell, remarks about the significant gains she has seen from the deployment of Winscribe Dictation integrated with Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking:

“Our firm is enjoying speech recognition! We’ve had some instances of documents coming through with approximately 97% accuracy which could likely be improved further as we continue to invest more time in training the profile engine. Our main goal was to capitalize on the shift of transcription from our secretaries allowing them to support more attorneys and at a higher level. With Winscribe we have decreased the number of secretaries receiving dictation by 75%, enabling them to focus on other more productive work.”

Individuals interested in receiving a demonstration of Winscribe Dictation version 4.0 including its integration with Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 10 are encouraged to visit Winscribe during ILTA show hours. Winscribe will be providing demonstrations each day at its booth (#637).

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