Winscribe Offers Support for New Philips SpeechMike Air

Auckland, NZ (PRWEB) November 12, 2009 – Following initial development and testing in partnership with Philips, Winscribe has announced full support for the newly released SpeechMike Air from Royal Philips Electronics.

The Philips family of SpeechMike products has a solid pedigree and are used successfully by thousands of Winscribe users around the world to record their dictation within Winscribe dictation software" said Matthew Weavers, CEO of Winscribe. “The SpeechMike Air from Philips is the latest addition to the wide catalog of devices that Winscribe is proud to support and because it is a wireless device offers users a new dimension of dictation flexibility that has been requested for many years.

Anyone using recent versions of Winscribe will find the SpeechMike Air supported directly out of the box. With new developments in ergonomic design and wireless capability, law firms, healthcare professionals and other dictation users will find the new Philips device a productive addition to their dictation processes.

“We value our technology partnership with Winscribe and we have worked together to ensure those Winscribe customers who enjoy using our products now have access to the SpeechMike Air for use with the Winscribe solution” said Dr. Thomas Brauner, CEO and Category Leader, Philips Speech Processing. "With the SpeechMike Air, Philips has once again set the global standard in terms of innovation, ergonomics and user-friendliness”.

About Philips Speech Processing

For more than 50 years Philips Speech Processing has been the driving force in delivering dictation and speech technologies to users around the world. With its headquarters and production centre located in Vienna, Austria, Philips Speech Processing is the world’s market leader in professional analogue and digital dictation solutions. From office-based desktop dictation to mobile dictation, our products support every imaginable scenario. Revolutionary digital dictation products, such as the SpeechMike, the Digital Pocket Memo with Voice Commands, the Barcode Module and the LAN Docking Station are helping professionals to work more efficiently every day, in the easiest possible manner, entirely in keeping with Philips ‘sense and simplicity’ philosophy. For more information, visit:

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