Payne Butler Lang Utilizes Voice to Streamline Dictation Process

Auckland, NZ (PRWEB) September 22, 2009 - Queensland-based Payne Butler Lang is a firm of lawyers recognized for providing personal service and trusted legal advice. Established in 1887, they have become the largest law firm in the district. The team members at Payne Butler Lang pride themselves on a progressive attitude towards law practice and providing outstanding service to all clients.

In mid-2008, Payne Butler Lang began to look at their dictation processes and recognized the need for a more robust, reliable product to replace their current, aging digital dictation solution implemented four years prior. The firm was looking for a product that would allow them to build on the strengths and benefits they already knew a digital system could offer and include a more comprehensive workflow solution to handle their daily dictation workload.

The objectives and requirements were clear. Malcolm Sinclair, Practice Manager at Payne Butler Lang, explains,

“We were already using a digital dictation system within the firm, but it was very old fashioned technology that we were beginning to outgrow, and the product really did not have the back-up facilities we required. The idea of a digital dictation product with speech recognition capabilities really appealed to us as it would allow us to adequately
improve efficiencies within the firm.”

Once the need for a new system was identified, research was carried out in the digital dictation marketplace to find the right fit for the organization that would meet their needs. Malcolm describes,

“A digital dictation solution with speech recognition functionality was really what we were looking for. During the process I spoke to a number of dictation suppliers and discovered that there weren’t many suppliers out there on the market that have that component.”

Winscribe was also chosen due to the superior support behind the product.

“Ultimately, when purchasing something like this, I like to spend some time with the supplier and see for myself what kind of support and back-up they give. I did spend some time with the Winscribe team observing how they operate and was very confident after this visit that they would be able to provide the support behind the product that we needed. That was a big contributor behind our decision to purchase Winscribe Dictation.”

After a successful pilot period that involved the managing partner and his practice administrator, the Winscribe Dictation with speech recognition was rolled out firm-wide,
user by user, with authors dictating using a mixture of Olympus DS 4000 and 5000 digital handheld recorders to import the dictation files into the Winscribe system.

“It has been a very easy transition from the author’s side. They only have to dock their handheld digital device on its docking station. The dictation files are uploaded to the Winscribe server and sent to the appropriate secretary automatically,” Malcolm said.

Since implementing Winscribe Dictation with speech recognition in late 2008, the firm has seen significant improvements on their previous system. The most benefit can be seen from the secretary point of view. They find the system very easy to use overall and enjoy the visibility of being able to see the dictations that come through that have been marked for speech recognition. The real benefit has been the time savings experienced when typing dictations.

“We conducted some in-house testing that involved secretaries typing dictations with the old system, versus using Winscribe Speech Recognition, and we were surprised by the results. Typing was 50% faster using Winscribe with speech recognition, and this has allowed them to focus more on their core business responsibilities,”

Malcolm explains. This means that Winscribe’s speech recognition functionality has allowed the firm to streamline their dictation process and increase overall firm efficiencies.

“From a productivity perspective, we have experienced significant increases in terms of getting the final document to our clients in a timely manner. Our managing partner is currently getting around 98% accuracy with the system. Even when we have new people in the firm start using it, they always start off with around 80% and rapidly improve from there as training on the voice profile is improved.”

Malcolm further adds,

“Our system is set up in quite a unique way to allow authors to use templates. For example, one of our managing partners currently utilizes pre-form letters through Winscribe’s speech recognition component, whereby he speaks the name of a particular document that he would like to dictate into (he currently has a list of around 80 forms pre-loaded onto the system to choose from); and the document template appears on his screen ready to dictate. This means fewer corrections, when the secretary receives the document and faster output.”

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