Minnesota Top 50 Law Firm Chooses Winscribe over BigHand

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) October 6, 2009 - After a careful selection process comparing vendors Winscribe and BigHand, fast growing Minnesota law firm Hellmuth & Johnson have chosen Winscribe’s Digital Dictation solution.

“We simply liked the Winscribe solution better than BigHand’s and have come to expect great support from MacTek, our local Winscribe supplier,” said Susan Marsh, Chief Operating Officer at Hellmuth & Johnson.

With a pressing need to replace aging analog equipment the law firm decided to investigate the current offering from Winscribe and to compare it to the current BigHand product. By having attorneys using portable digital devices to dictate, and with both attorneys and legal assistants enjoying timely results early on, Hellmuth found the decision straightforward.

“Our attorneys and legal assistants love the Winscribe solution and we found Mactek very good to deal with,” said Marsh. Additionally, the firm has been able to take advantage of Winscribe’s unique and secure internet based components to allow their busy attorneys the ability to submit work from anywhere at any time. Marsh further explained, “We have seen improved turnaround time in the submission of lawyer dictations and document creation with Winscribe Dictation. Winscribe Dictation has allowed our attorneys to work from anywhere and that has been just great. Attorneys within our firm that travel can submit their work quicker creating a smoother transition internally.”

Coupled with Hellmuth & Johnson’s superior client service, Winscribe Dictation has been able to provide additional value to the firm’s staff and ultimately their clientele.

About Hellmuth & Johnson:

Hellmuth & Johnson, PLLC offers a range of legal services to meet both corporate and individual needs. Named among Minnesota's 50 largest law firms, Hellmuth & Johnson holds the highest possible Peer Review Rating from Martindale-Hubbell — the AV® Peer Review Rated designation. For more information, visit www.hjlawfirm.com or call (952) 941-4005.

About MacTek, Inc.:

MacTek, Inc. is a leading provider of recording equipment and communications tools to organizations in the upper Midwest. Their commitment to the integration of innovative recording technologies has enabled them to provide cutting edge products to companies representing a variety of industries. Located in the Twin City area, MacTek’s certified staff has over 60 years combined experience in managing implementations from planning and configuring the best solution, to installation, training and ongoing support.

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