Kuwait Heart Center Takes a Step Forward with Winscribe

London, UK (PR WEB), January 20, 2009 -Kuwait Heart Center located in Kuwait city is a busy hospital specialising in Cardiology dealing on a daily basis with in-patients ward rounds, out-patients clinics and different medical and clinical procedures such as X-rays, angiograms, Open Heart surgery, Pacemaker Implants etc. Ninan Thomas, an engineer from Advanced Technology Company which specialises in IT solutions, runs the day-to-day administration and maintenance of the hospital's IT infrastructures and new IT projects. As part of the IT technologies used on site, the hospital has implemented GE PACS for cardiology to enable physicians, medical technicians, and medical staffing to store electronically images such as scans or X-rays so that they can be viewed and compared on screen. Kuwait Heart Center Cardiology Department Director, Dr. Ibrahim Al Rashdan rapidly realised that the patient care could benefit from a better and especially faster handling of all medical letters and reports. The challenge was to transfer as fast as possible the information from the physicians to the secretaries who handle the transcription of all medical documents and enter the reports into the Cardiology PACS system.

It is crucial that medical reports are rapidly available to physicians who can then decide on further treatments or investigations regarding the patients. Digital Dictation and workflow technologies appeared to be the ideal solution using the speed and simplicity of voice files coupled with the possibility of an immediate transfer and management of the dictations. ATC (Advanced Technology Company) and Ninan Thomas were in charge of finding a digital dictation and workflow software that could respond to all the requirements of a busy cardiology hospital in terms of flexibility and productivity regarding the transfer of information and reports creation.

After trying a basic digital dictation system, Ninan Thomas realised that the hospital would need a more advanced digital dictation and workflow system. ATC, the Winscribe Sales Partner located in Kuwait city, contacted Winscribe to organise a pilot of the Winscribe Digital Dictation and Workflow management software.

"ATC contacted Winscribe to set up a pilot, the hospital managers loved it, the installation went smoothly and the Winscribe software was up and running in no time,"

explains Thomas.

"We decided to set up seven dictation stations with PC and speech microphones. The physicians and medical technicians are sharing them accordingly to their schedules. As soon as they have finished with the dictation, the voice files are immediately sent to the five secretaries for transcription and entry into the PACS system,"

continues Mr. Thomas.

"The secretaries can now work as a team and manage the workload and urgent dictations better. As a consequence to the fast transmission of information and the easier handling of dictations, the medical reports and letters are transcribed a lot quicker,"

explains Mr. Thomas.

"Physicians as well as secretaries and managers welcomed the implementation of the Winscribe software, and they appreciate the fact that the software is easy to use. The implementation of the Winscribe software introduced a new way of dealing with patients’ records; it will help the hospital management to be more confident about the future as law requires that patients’ records be kept forever. Now with Winscribe this requirement will be less of a worry,"

concludes Mr. Thomas.

Individuals who wish to learn more about Winscribe and the solutions mentioned above are encouraged to visit Winscribe at Arab Health 2009 taking place at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre January 26 – 29, 2009. Winscribe will be present at booth 7C11. To pre-schedule a demonstration at the event, email events@winscribe.com.

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