HomeTech, Incorporated: Providing Security and Ease of Use with Winscribe

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) July 28, 2009 - HomeTech, Incorporated is a leading transcription services solution provider for the insurance industry. The group currently provides transcription support services to over 600 branch offices of 48 major property and casualty companies across the United States. When HomeTech recognized that finding a file transfer solution that was both secure and easy to use was critical to their on-going success, HomeTech turned to Winscribe.

HomeTech offers its clients flexibility with regard to the submission of their dictations for transcription. Clients who capture their dictation in a digital file format have the ability to send those files directly to the HomeTech team for processing. The challenge for HomeTech was finding a way for clients to do this that was not only easy, but secure.

Prior to Winscribe, HomeTech relied on email and FTP transfer for the transmission of digital audio files. This posed several challenges. First, encryption and security had to be addressed therefore HomeTech was reliant upon third-party tools like PGP Encryption, WinZip and Verisign Signatures. Email worked for smaller files, but large files posed a transmission challenge. FTP posed usability challenges to those who were unfamiliar with the technology.

Marne Mullins, President of HomeTech explains,

 “Training and ease of use were big challenges with regard to digital file uploads. Insurance adjusters and their support staff are very busy people who typically do not want to sit down and learn how to log into our FTP site. In addition, most companies cannot afford to have a copy of PGP on everyone’s desk. That left us having to figure out in each case who would be responsible for sending the files, how it would be done to ensure security requirements were met and then, the biggest hurdle, getting the IS Department to sign off on the process. Historically the IS Department has larger priority projects on its calendar so potential sales would either drag on forever or else wither on the vine.”

For their largest clients, HomeTech could develop custom systems for secure file transfer, but, being custom, these could not be used for other clients. These custom systems were costly. In one case custom development costs exceeded $50,000. It was essential that they find an affordable solution that addressed their security and ease of use in order for the company not only to grow as a business but also continue to meet their existing clients’ requirements as well. HomeTech found Winscribe who provided them with just that.

The web upload feature of Winscribe Web Manager was the solution for HomeTech’s digital audio file upload challenges. Winscribe Web Manager grants users the ability to securely upload jobs and check job status with no requirement to install an application or establish a VPN connection. All files are transferred via an encrypted https connection (128-bit encryption). Users need only a PC with a web browser and internet access.

The web upload feature of Winscribe Web Manager was a great solution for us because it is extremely easy to explain to clients, extremely easy to train clients to use, and it immediately answers questions posed by our clients’ IS Departments,” said Mullins. “We compared this solution to another and chose Winscribe because the solution is more flexible, has less ongoing expense and we felt that the support we’d receive from the Winscribe team would be better.”

HomeTech provides each insurance adjuster or designated support staff representative with a unique user ID and password to upload recorded statements. Once logged in, the adjuster is prompted to complete file demographics selected by their company (such as claim number, insured name, level of service required, etc.) and then attach the file for transcription. Rather than use Winscribe’s workflow solution for job assignment, HomeTech has integrated Winscribe Web Manager with their existing workflow database for assignment to the transcription team. This integration allows HomeTech to track every file that comes into their office to ensure they not only meet client deadlines, but that they can also easily locate files by claim number, insured name, etc. While they could have accomplished this using Winscribe’s additional built in tools, they chose to integrate with their own internal system so that jo information automatically populates into their centralized system for billing and payroll purposes offering them additional efficiencies.

Being able to offer the web upload feature of Winscribe Web Manager as a secure transfer and transcription solution has helped me land new clients. Security is such a huge issue with our clients, and I love being able to quickly and easily answer any concerns their Department may have. Our clients have been very complimentary about how easy the Winscribe Web Manager interface is to use. Accessing our FTP site used to provide challenges to people because not all computers are set up to have access to FTP sites. Walking clients through the web upload feature of Winscribe Web Manager is such a cinch. This tool saves us time and headaches,” concludes Mullins.

About HomeTech, Incorporated

HomeTech Incorporated is a leading transcription services solution provider for the insurance industry. The group currently provides transcription support services to over 600 branch offices of 48 major property and casualty companies across the United States. HomeTech is focused exclusively on the insurance industry. Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are guaranteed accurate and timely. HomeTech also offers clients customized tracking through the work process and invoicing and reports designed to meet the needs of each unique customer.

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