Chapman Tripp Rules In Favour of Winscribe

Auckland, New Zealand (PRWEB) March 31, 2009 – Winscribe announced today that leading New Zealand law firm Chapman Tripp has deployed Winscribe’s award-winning digital dictation workflow management suite to standardize the capture and routing of the firm’s dictation workflow.

Prior to 2004, the firm was using analogue tapes firm-wide to capture dictation but saw the benefits that implementing a digital system would bring. In 2004, they moved a portion of the firm’s lawyers to a standalone dictation system. While the idea of digital dictation was embraced by the firm, the particular system they were using was very inhibitive and did not provide the full benefits of a more cohesive workflow system.

Carlene O’Meagher, IT Services Advisor at Chapman Tripp, explains;

 “The need to replace our current digital system was driven by a number of factors. Firstly, it caused a large number of support calls, which was a real headache for the IT department. Secondly, the set up for new users was painful. For those that were still using analogue, there were constant complaints from secretaries that the sound quality of the tapes was poor. Coupled with the cost of replacing cassettes and servicing the equipment, it was just getting more and more expensive to maintain.”

These issues led to partner driven marketplace research on the digital dictation and workflow systems available.  Chapman Tripp looked at Winscribe and one other digital dictation product and chose Winscribe after a successful pilot evaluation.

The technical set up was very quick and straight-forward, and the training did not take very long at all. The quick and easy implementation met all of our goals, which was to implement a full digital dictation system with minimal impact on staff,” explains Carlene.

The implementation process was supported by Winscribe’s New Zealand Authorised Partner, Sound Business Systems, and this proved to be an important factor in the decision to purchase Winscribe.

I definitely think that the local support we received from Sound Business Systems was a major driving factor. They were able to assist us on site quickly and effectively.”

The user community at Chapman Tripp has embraced using the Winscribe system. Carlene says,

 “Users have really taken to the system like ducks to water. We wouldn’t be able to do over 100 dictations per day if it wasn’t this simple and easy to use.” She adds, “We have set up our Winscribe system so that it is quite open. When authors send work to their secretary, any other secretary can go into that secretary’s queue and pick up work – which means we now have no lost dictations. Also, when some secretaries are busier than others, we are able to spread the workload much more easily between secretaries, even between our offices across New Zealand.”

The ability to have authors dictate and upload work from home or on site has also been a big plus.

“We do have authors who need to work from home, from time to time. With Winscribe they can dictate and send the voice files back to the secretaries in the offices. They couldn’t have done this with tape-based dictation. It’s also great for staff that travel as they can easily and quickly send jobs back through for typing as well. From a workplace flexibility perspective, which is something the firm is really keen to emphasise, Winscribe has worked really well for us,” concluded Carlene.

About Chapman Tripp

Established in New Zealand in 1875, Chapman Tripp is one of New Zealand’s largest commercial law firms, with 52 partners and around 220 legal staff across its offices in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The firm practises in all areas of commercial, corporate, securities, property, environmental and public law.

About Sound Business Systems

Consultation and implementation services were provided to Chapman Tripp by authorized Winscribe reseller, Sound Business Systems. Sound Business Systems is a wholly-New Zealand-owned, independent company with a sales, distribution and service centre in the Auckland region. They have sold and supported their products across the nation for over 35 years. Established in 1964, Sound Business Systems has continued to develop unparalleled service, merging with the integrated voice and data management company Dictation Systems Ltd in February 2004. They provide innovative hardware and software solutions for analogue and digital audio, facsimile, PC based telephony and speech recognition technologies from the world’s leading solutions companies.

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