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Director of Global Sales

Florian is a highly dynamic sales leader who brings strategic sales and marketing expertise to the Winscribe global sales organization. He has been with Winscribe for over 4 years and for the past two years has led the Asia Pacific Region as APAC Regional Sales Manager. Over this period, sales in the Asia Pacific region have almost tripled; and a number of significant milestones were achieved by the APAC sales team. From the largest ever individual sale in the Asia Pacific region, to inclusion in a state wide framework agreement in Queensland, Florian was instrumental in aligning the interests of clients, partners, technology providers and Winscribe to achieve successful outcomes and deliver win-win solutions.

Florian holds a Masters Degree in International Business from the University of Otago and prior to joining Winscribe has worked in a variety of roles including international business development in China. Aside from his qualifications and experience he brings a huge amount of energy and passion.

"I can’t wait to get into this new role, listen to and learn from our sales team member and partners and then to apply proven as well as new and innovative sales approaches to contribute to achieving Winscribe’s vision for the future."

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