Dictation Hardware, Software & Support Bundle

One simple payment for everything you need to achieve the efficiency of Dictation.


There are a multitude of options available for your to access the benefits of dictation, transcription and workflow management. Multiple payments for each of these can be a hassle, as can the requirement to purchase up front the necessary hardware.

The Winscribe + Philips bundle operates through Winscribe’s Cloud Services and offers both software and hardware at a fixed subscription charge — no need for capital expenditure approvals, on-site installation, or maintenance provisions. The bundle enables businesses to consistently meet core dictation objectives, on time and within budget. 


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Winscribe + Philips Delivers the Best in Class Speech-Driven Reporting and Hardware Solutions for Business Professionals.

The seamless integration of Philips’ digital dictation recorders with Winscribe’s speech technology, enables business professionals to:


  • Make every second count, and ensure that critical information is recorded with the highest audio quality and accuracy

  • Securely and centrally manage recordings andtranscribed data

  • Use the latest innovations in voice technology

  • Have a quality and reliable solution that works when youneed it to

  • Produce transcriptions and reports faster

  • Work more efficiently anywhere, anytime



How The Bundle Works

  1. Choose your preferred dictation hardware and / or Winscribe mobile application for smartphones and tablets. Philips hardware covered through the Winscribe + Philips bundle offering include:
    • Philips DPM 8500 digital handheld recorder
    • Philips SpeechMike 3500
    • Philips SpeechMike 3510 (AU & NZ only)
    • Philips 5220 Transcription Kit

  2. We set up your Winscribe Cloud services subscription

  3. Choose between fixed monthly or annual payment and rental options, which enables a lower total cost of ownership. (2-year contract minimum)

  4. Begin experiencing efficient dictation management, improved staff productivity, and lower document production costs


Complete Dictation Management, Hosted Securely In The Cloud

The Winscribe + Philips Dictation Bundle is a hosted solution, with no big up-front costs or IT requirements.

Winscribe’s cloud dictation solution makes it easy to keep track of all steps in the dictation process, including the ability to monitor workload, enable worksharing, automate work distribution, and manage staff performance.

Winscribe Cloud Services security is a powerful, fully integrated portfolio of services, managed applications and best practices — all designed to ensure the highest levels of productivity and security for your business.

Winscribe Cloud Services covers all three critical security areas: physical security, operational security, and system security.

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