Speech Technologies in Healthcare - Increase efficiencies, reduce turnaround times and achieve better patient care by speech-enabling your healthcare organization

Healthcare organizations globally are facing similar challenges in reducing costs, while aiming to improve patient care.  Cost-savings initiatives focus either on increased efficiencies – doing more for the same amount of money – or actual cost reduction programs that deliver the same or better outcomes at less expense.  

Winscribe Speech Technology solutions offer the answer to these challenges.

Employing all the benefits of speech-driven documentation via easy-to-use digital dictation or ultra-efficient speech recognition applications, combined with smart workflows, automation and reporting, set modern healthcare organizations up to tackle the efficiency challenge - no matter how big. While maintaining full patient data security levels, Winscribe Speech Technology allows you to accelerate processes, which enables  a higher number of patients to be treated, immediately decreases reporting backlogs, reduces administration costs, and improves overall patient care.

With decades of experience in the healthcare market, and based on continuous feedback from clinicians around the world, Winscribe’s Speech Technology Suite for Healthcare is designed to address the ever-growing productivity and quality needs of the Healthcare sector. Winscribe proudly services many hundreds of hospitals and healthcare organizations worldwide.

Key benefits of Winscribe Speech Technology for Healthcare organizations:

  • Secure speech-enabled report and document/letter creation
  • Flexible integration with HIS, RIS and EMR systems, eliminating duplicate data entry and create seamless data flow
  • Intelligent and automated workflow capabilities that enable you to know instantly how many jobs are pending and who is working on what, while also having the ability to configure a system that can identify and remedy bottlenecks in the document production process
  • Flexible input device options (digital recorders, smartphones, tablets, and PC microphones) to leverage existing investments
  • Supports HL7 standards
  • Flexible licensing options (on premise, cloud services and volume-based pricing) to tailor a solution to the specific needs of your healthcare organization 
  • Advanced reporting for measuring, managing and optimizing staff productivity levels and employee usage
  • Ability to incorporate audio and transcription outsourcing options to adjust your organization to varying workload scenarios

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