Integration & Customisation

Never mind 80% fit – how about 100%?

Modern technology solutions rarely operate in isolation. To get the most out of your technology investments you often need them to talk to each other, or at least share some data. After 15 years of operation, providing solutions to various industries, Winscribe has a library of integrations to over 20 systems from a range of software and hardware vendors. These integrations range from practice management systems and document management systems in the legal industry to patient information systems and image management systems in the health sector. In the unlikely event that we don’t have your system covered, we are always prepared to consider a new integration.

Similarly, no two businesses are the same. As your organisation has developed and improved, it has certainly developed its own way of getting things done. Some of these processes will actually represent competitive advantage in that you are able to do things better than your competitors. As part of our commitment to delivering value, we provide services either directly or via our partners to understand how well these processes work for you and to ensure that our technology is implemented in a way that best suits your business and its operations.

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